Geezer Moments: September 9, 2010

To open this week’s column, here’s one from our good friend and neighbor, Emma Burns. Emma writes:

“When our tennis play group showed up on Friday, one of the gals realized she was wearing her walking shoes instead of her tennis shoes. It reminded me of the time a member of my husband’s Arizona hiking club arrived at the trailhead wearing his bedroom slippers. But the worst “senior shoe moment” was my own. One evening as we were driving to a concert, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing two different shoes! At the time I was quite upset for my wardrobe glitch, but I got through the evening, and if anyone noticed, they were polite and never mentioned it to me.” Well, Emma, your husband Mike told me he went behind your back and told people that you were losing it and to be nice to you. Just kidding, Emma.

This one came in from one of our out-of-town friends, Fred Olin. (By the way, it’s great hearing from people outside of Sun City with their Geezer Moments.) Fred emailed this to me:

“This morning in a hotel bathroom, my wife was complaining that the hair dryer didn’t work. She kept pushing the switch up and down. Then she would try turning the light switch on and off. I calmly walked over and plugged the dryer in. The plug was hanging loose in plain sight.”

Jim Hayes, a major contributor to this column, offers us this one:

“In the middle of making BLT sandwiches, our power went out. My wife Rita starts the stove by using a match and proceeds to cook the bacon. It is semi-dark in the house, and she yells for me to start making the toast!!!”

Finally, from my oldest childhood friend, Norm Berger, comes this one about one of Norm’s friends. He was talking on the phone to this friend, who recently had his fourth grandchild. Norm asked the proud grandfather what they named the new baby girl. There was a long pause, and Norm heard his friend call out, “Janet, what’s the baby’s name?”

Thanks to all that sent in their “Geezer Moments.” If you have a “moment” or two to share, please take the time to send yours to me at I know your excuse for not sending them is that you forget them. Try writing them down when they happen so we can enjoy them with you. And don’t tell me you don’t have any; I’m never going to believe that. If you wish to remain anonymous, I assure you that I will respect your wishes. Bye until next time.

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