The next big technology

Podcasting. Have you heard of it? You will soon.

Podcasting is a medium that has been around for about 10 years, but is beginning to become popular. As a matter of fact, just as the internet is beginning to take over network TV – i.e. Netflix, Podcasting is headed in the same direction. In a very similar concept as self-publishing, podcasting has minimal barriers to entry. That said, there is great stuff available and very low-quality stuff available as well. From a user or listener standpoint, content is usually free and if you like something, you can subscribe to get all shows. It is also easy to listen on you radio, computer, phone and other devices.

I am currently at a conference in Chicago called the Podcast Movement. There have been so many magic moments that have convinced me to believe that there is a podcast tsunami coming. One moment was where they talked about new cars that are being built; the podcast buttons will be more prevalent that radio buttons. Woah!

So let’s take a step back and decide why podcasts are becoming so popular. It is because anyone can create a podcast about anything. At this point, there are no rules (or very few) and there are specific podcasts for so many things. There is a podcast for gardeners in northwest Illinois suburbs, which specifically describes the weather, resources, etc. in our area. There are “how to” podcasts, entertainment based, spiritual based, comedy, and the list goes on and on. The differentiator between podcasts and other media is that podcasters build community. They are very accessible people who are really interested in helping people both in mass and one-on-one. It is all about direct connection with listeners, unlike TV or radio, which would be impossible.

In my opinion, we will always have are standard forms of media – newspaper, TV, radio, etc. But as the world changes with technology we are now able to select what we want to hear, when we want to hear it and how we want to hear it. Also, the creative people such as authors, hosts and others who have delivered our information and news for years, will need to change and be more accessible to their audience to keep up with what people want. Change is good. Technology moves fast. Podcasting is coming quickly – check it out.

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