Huntley construction projects get the green light

Three Village of Huntley construction projects for 2017 will be especially significant for Sun City residents.

Two of them are two road resurfacing projects on Del Webb Boulevard, and Oak Creek Parkway near the Village Green shopping center. The third one is a multipurpose bike/pedestrian path on the east side of Route 47 on Huntley’s south side.

This map provides details on upcoming village projects. (Provided)

This map provides details on upcoming village projects. (Provided)

The road projects are part of a $960,000 program this year for repairs and upgrades at four roadways in the village. The Del Webb project is the second phase of a multi-phase program to smooth out Sun City’s most heavily traveled road. In 2015, the first phase involved resurfacing the road from the Route 47 entrance to Eakin Creek Court, near Prairie Lodge. This year’s phase two will include the section from Eakin Creek, around Wildflower Lake, to Hemmer Road.

Eventually, the village intends to upgrade the entire length of Del Webb and Countryside Boulevards in the next few years.

“This work will be done sometime between June and September, depending mostly on the weather,” said Jason Irvin, assistant to the director of the village’s public works and engineering. “The work involves grinding off a few inches of old asphalt and replacing it, as well as repairing sections of curb and sidewalks where needed. As far as traffic goes, we do not anticipate any road closures, we typically are able to keep traffic moving during these operations,” Irvin said.

Similar work will be done, possibly at the same time, on Oak Creek Parkway from the Sun City entrance north to its dead end near the Weber Grill manufacturing facility and the Village Green Jewel/Osco shopping center. Cost of these two projects is estimated at $880,000, and will be financed by the village’s share of state motor-fuel-tax funds.

The multi-use path project is the result of years of planning, finding special funding, and responding to Huntley resident requests, including many in Sun City, according to village officials. It’s a paved bike and pedestrian path along the east side of Route 47 from the north side of Kreutzer Road to the south side of Oak Creek Parkway. This work will also be done this spring and summer.

“This project has been long awaited, and is in direct response to many residents’ survey comments,” said Huntley’s Village Journal. “Residents desire a safe way for pedestrians and bikers to travel from the south side area (predominately Sun City and the Deer Path rehab center), to connect with many other multi-use paths throughout the community to the north.”

“Signalized pedestrian crossings will be added to the west side of Illinois Route 47, including crossings at both the south side of Del Webb Boulevard and the north side of Regency Parkway,” the Journal report continued. “The multi-use path will provide off-road access to Huntley Grove near Walmart, Huntley Crossings near Culver’s, and the Jewel-Osco center at Village Green.”

The project is funded by the village (20%), and an Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) grant (80%).

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