Did I see the Oscars?

The answer is NO. I preferred not to listen to the political rhetoric that would surely surface, and decided that re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond were a better choice, which proves that every now and then I can make a good decision. (The fact that the show runs way past my bedtime had no bearing). My reluctance to watch was confirmed when I learned that the director of the best foreign language film chose not to attend as a political protest. How stupid is that? Apparently I was not alone, as this year’s show had the lowest ratings since 2008.

And to quote John Kass the famous Chicago Tribune columnist, “What’s irritating isn’t Hollywood’s politics as much as it is the attitude. It’s all so d*** precious. Oscars? Hollywood?”

In the meantime, as I reviewed the list of nominees and the eventual winners, I took issue with three things. First, that Sully was not nominated for something. That was most likely a political statement, as director Clint Eastwood belongs to the wrong party. I have to admit that I only saw four of the nine movies nominated, but they usually have ten on that list. Sully belonged there; it was one of the most entertaining and interesting movies I have seen in some time. From everything I have seen, read and heard, the other nominated films were worthy.

Secondly, that anyone or anything from Nocturnal Animals was nominated (Best Supporting Actor), was an insult. That is, without a doubt, the most disgusting film of the century so far, and is likely to keep that honor for some time.

Third, that The Jungle Book was not on the list of Best Animated Films is beyond me. It did win the award for Best Visual Effects, and if you saw it you will most likely agree it was superb.

The only thing I’m sorry I didn’t see was the fumbling of the Best Picture Award. I would have been happy if La La Land actually won, I thought it was an enjoyable and entertaining movie, but I missed watching the humbling moments that the elites had to deal with as the presentation was screwed up. (An aside to Bernie, I’m sure you’re happy with the outcome).

I was pleased to learn that Viola Davis won the Best Supporting Actress award; she is superb. I first noticed her in a small supporting role in the movie Doubt, I’ve never forgotten that moment and have admired her since.

Casey Afleck probably deserved the Oscar for Best Actor, although I don’t know how he could perform any better than he did in Gone Baby Gone, one of the great detective stories of the past few years.

You may (or may not) have noticed I was on sabbatical for the last several editions. I did manage to see one movie during that time: The Great Wall with Matt Damon. I learned three things from that film. First, that the Great Wall of China is 5,500 miles long, secondly that it took 1,700 years to build and third, if you like great adventure films this is for you. It’s visually stunning and the special effects are outstanding. And if you’re wondering how Matt Damon got on that wall with a million Chinese warriors, you’ll have to buy a ticket.


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