Wonder Woman – we don’t need Superman anymore

A Chicago Tribune editorial writer said it best, “If you’re ever in trouble, forget Superman – get in touch with Wonder Woman.” After seeing the movie, I know I would.

If you have even a modicum of interest you know by now that the reviews by all the experts have this movie on a level by itself. And rightly so; it’s the finest Super Hero movie in some time, and has to rank with the best ever.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of “coming out” super hero films is watching the metamorphosis from whoever they may be into what we know and love in the comics and on screen. The best examples are Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maguire) becoming Spider Man, and Robert Downey Jr.‘s emergence as Iron Man. Not far behind are Christopher Reeve’s discovery of his endless powers in the original Superman movie and Michael Keaton’s evolution into Batman. Now Wonder Woman joins the list.

Her transformation into the Amazon warrior takes some time and consumes at least the first third or so of the story. She is five or six years old as the tale begins and the maturation process offers some interesting perspective on the role of women, particularly as there are no men to be found on the island where she lives. The first man she has ever seen happens to wash up on shore, the victim of a wartime plane shooting. At that point the story takes off into an unexpected and imaginative direction.

Wonder Woman

Entertainment Rating: ★★★★

Rating: PG-13: Plenty of “comic book” action

Possible Oscar Nominations: Visual Effects, Film Editing, Best Actress, Gal Gadot

The superlatives from all corners include special and visual effects, set design, costuming and of course, Gadot’s unexpected acting prowess. Her compassion for victims she encounters makes you keenly aware of her femininity, especially as she tries to shield and protect them. But we quickly learn, don’t mess with Wonder Woman or you will pay a price.

Steven Spielberg’s production of War Horse (2011) was the most compelling movie about World War 1 ever made, Wonder Woman is a close second. They are both graphic, realistic and point out the horrors and waste of man’s inhumanity to man. We watch as Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) dives headfirst into the middle of the raging, senseless battles, attempting to save lives and lend aid to the innocents. Racing into German machine gun nests and hundreds of their soldiers, she is fearless, leaving a trail behind her. In the next scene she is in an evening dress, looking seductively at Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine. (You may or may not be aware that Godot was Miss Israel and competed in the Miss Universe contest).

This is the summer blockbuster I have been waiting for (at least a couple of years). The first weekend was a box office bonanza, and word of mouth, among other things, will propel this movie for some time. If you have a propensity for seeing these kinds of films, don’t miss it. If you don’t, you might want to try it anyway, it’s a lot of fun.

Now we wait for the new Spider Man flick, to be released in July. This will be the fifth sequel, and hopefully the producers, writers, and directors can come up with a new twist. That will be hard to do.


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