Hang Your Hat: June 29, 2017

Since Sun City Huntley welcomed its first residents in 1999,the community remains beautifully maintained and is as vibrant as ever. The commitment to a Lifestyle offering things to do and places to visit continues to thrive.

From time to time, minor “tweaks” have improved procedures and improved how things get done.

Hopefully, someday, the MEMBER COMMENTS AT BOARD MEETINGS portion of Board meetings will be improved to accomplish what it’s supposed to do, that is to open a two-way exchange of inquiries and responses between the Board and residents.

At the beginning of each Board meeting, the chairman regularly reads a lengthy disclaimer explaining that the law requires that residents be provided an opportunity to comment to or ask a question of the Board.

The disclaimer goes on to explain that the Board will not respond during the meeting. That makes sense. It avoids a possible debate and the Board may not be prepared to respond. The disclaimer advises anyone with a question or in need of assistance to fill out and submit a TALK to STAFF form promising that a response will be available in a timely manner not from the Board, but rather from the staff.

So why even address the Board if it’s the staff which will respond?

If a response is not forthcoming during the meeting, why not a follow up at a future meeting? Other residents may have an interest in the topics.

At the May 24 Board meeting, four residents presented comments and questions about two issues. One issue focused on how the speakers perceived the inadequacies of the newly launched website. Sew & Sew Club representatives detailed the condition of some of the club’s equipment and raised questions regarding funding its replacement since the Board rescinded an authorization it made last month to fund the purchase of sewing machines.

Based on the policy as stated prior to resident comments, if the speakers expect a response, they need to fill out a TALK TO STAFF form. Really? Unfortunately, residents who may be curious about how the staff responded to the issues will remain uninformed unless the Board, at the next meeting, or via some other communication chooses to comment.

Otherwise, upholding the law to permit resident comments has no value and is a waste of time.

“Tweaking” how the Board responds to comments or questions at Board meetings is worth considering.

Jim Darow
Neighborhood 5

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