Huntley’s Angels

There is a remarkable group of women who are impacting in our community.

God’s Girls focuses on helping women in need. One of the beneficiaries of their attention is The Rockford Rescue Mission. This organization helps homeless get jobs and provides a program for battered women that not only provides them food and shelter but trains them in skills to become independent, and ultimately, find a job.

God’s Girls has given support to Home of the Sparrow, which provides a safe and affordable place for women struggling with homelessness. These donations have affected lives of many individuals and helped them to turn their lives around.

(Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

(Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

God’s Girls also lends support to TOC in Elgin, which is a pregnancy support, non-profit, faith-based organization.

God’s Girls helps serve its community both near and far. The group has also raised funds for the Huntley Officer Mark Family Fund, Grafton Township Food Pantry, Turning Point, Wayside Cross Ministries, and Blessing Barn.

Who are the women behind this mission?

God’s Girls is a group of women learning together and giving together. The secret ingredient for their spirit and success is that we “pray for each other” according to member Joyce Billings.

They started 12 years ago meeting in a home in Sun City. When the need arose for larger facilities, Heartland Bank provided free use of a meeting room. The group consists of over 30 women, attracting members both inside and outside of Sun City. God’s Girls aims to help the current community and the future one as well.

The women meet every Wednesday morning; the meeting begins as a Bible study. Each woman donates $1 per meeting. When it reaches around $300, the group decides where the donation will go.

God’s Girls does direct its effort toward helping other, but it also directs its assistance to family and friends within the group, providing spiritual, emotional, and practical support.

“If in need, we send an encouragement or get-well card,” said Billings.

In addition, God’s Girls has been a catalyst for a spin-off group of men, The Sonshine Boys, who meet weekly on Friday morning.

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