Ask the Woodchucks: September 21, 2017

Question: We have the Fox model and there is a vent in the rear of the house toward the bottom of the siding, and the flaps are breaking off. I’ve been looking all over and can find anything to replace it. There is a grid behind the flaps. While we’re at it what is it used for? We have a basement.

Answer: That vent works in conjunction with the 4” x 4” controller next to your furnace. The controller cycles your furnace fan and the vent supplies makeup air. The controller lets you set the time the furnace fan runs.

Homes built in the last fifteen years are much tighter than ones built previously. Additional insulation, house wrap, and better construction techniques have made houses more energy efficient. But since they don’t breathe like older homes, pollutants build up indoors. If homes are not equipped for controlling and removing indoor pollutants, indoor air quality problems may result. Controlled ventilation helps maintain healthy indoor air quality for the occupants and the home itself. Watch this video for a more complete explanation.

There are many different types of vents to get air into the house from outside. You can contact, the manufacturer of the controller unit to get more information on where to get a replacement vent for your house.

In the packet you received from Pulte with instructions for the various devices in your home, there is an instruction for your AirCycler controller. Some of these instructions are:

The factory settings provide 20 minutes of fan off time followed by 10 minutes of fan on time. The LCD display will indicate the current fan activity.

If the thermostat calls for heating or cooling, the display will read “ON.” The AirCycler is now in a standby mode.

When there is no call for heating or cooling, the AirCycler will display “fan off” and will count down the time remaining until the AirCycler activates the central fan.

When the AirCycler activates the central fan, the display will read “fan on.” The display will now count down the time remaining until the fan is deactivated again. This cycle will repeat until there is another call for heating or cooling from the thermostat.

Should you choose to turn the AirCycler off during extended vacation periods or when windows are open, press and hold the Mode key for six seconds. All thermostat functions will continue to operate normally. To turn the AirCycler back on, press the Mode key.

If you have lost your instruction manual you can download one at

Question: I am moving in a couple of weeks and the inspection report said that there are some sash cord window covers that need replacing. This is a Del Webb townhome. Would you have any idea where I could find them?

Answer: Your HOA maintains a reserve fund to repair items on the outside of your house like the roof and the siding. Since the windows are on the outside of your house they should be covered.

Woodchucks furniture repair day on October 11

Each year, the Woodchucks hold two furniture repair days for residents. One is in April and one is in October. 30-40 Woodchucks are available in the shop on these days to repair loose chairs, broken tables, broken picture frames and other wooden items needing repair.

Many residents are so pleased with the repairs made to their furniture that they want to pay us. We do not accept any pay. This is our contribution to the community. We do accept contributions to our toy fund. We build 350-400 wooden toys for underprivileged children each Christmas. You may see some of the parts for these toys in the shop that are currently being built. The wood and other parts for these toys costs $1500-$2000.

In order to participate you must sign up at the Meadow View Lodge on or after October 1. Only 24 spaces are available. This repair day, called Ask the Woodchucks, will be October 11.

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