Ask the Woodchucks: October 5, 2017

Question: I went to check the number of covers (dryer vent and bathroom exhaust vents), and to my surprise I found that a bird had got stuck in the dryer opening and had died. I bought what I needed at Home Depot, and the one I bought actually had a clasp to open it and gain access to the dryer and bath vents without removing the whole unit. Where do we get a similar cover for the microwave vent that is larger (10” high x 9” wide)?

Answer: You can block birds from getting into your microwave vent by putting ¼” x ¼” hardware cloth behind the vent cover. It is alright to use hardware cloth there because the microwave does not exhaust anything that might block the vent but DO NOT DO THIS to the dryer vent as it will clog with lint and could cause a fire.

Question: I have the James model in the club homes. The weather stripping on my 2 front windows, facing west, have fallen from the original windows installed. Where can I purchase some replacements? Do I need to know the manufacturer of the window to purchase? Please advise, and thank you for your help.

Answer: Your windows were manufactured by Simonton. They have recognized the problem with the weather stripping and will replace it for free. The best way for you to get replacement stripping is to contact their authorized dealer Touch of Glass and have them help you.

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