Board proposes potential decrease in assessments

Sun City’s board of directors plans to give residents an early Christmas gift this year.

At the September 27 board meeting, it was announced that the draft 2018 association operating and reserve budgets will provide all residents with a $9.00 decrease (you read that right), in 2018 assessments. The board and the finance committee are recommending that the assessment levels drop from $134 per household to $125.

This is a proposal only, and has not been finalized.

The reason(s) for this tentative action have not been revealed, but will be explained when the budget report is published in the November issue of Lifestyles magazine in November, said Deanna Loughran, CAM executive director.

This is the largest annual decrease in annual assessment bills in the community’s 18-year history, and the second decrease in the last three years. A $1.00 decrease took place in 2014.

After the budget is published about November 1, open forums will be held to permit residents to comment and ask questions. Final action on the budget is planned at the December 6 board meeting.

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