Hang Your Hat: October 5, 2017

“Few’ is defined as…”a smaller number of”. The following observations are about the smaller number of Sun City residents who actively participate in the extensive variety of things to do as compared to the much larger number of residents who choose not to do so.

Sun City Huntley is a community of 5481 homes. The unofficial resident count is about 9,000. Various surveys report that about 25%[2250] of the residents participate in Sun City’s activities. Seventy five percent [6750] don’t participate. Then, what is it they do? The likely answer is whatever and whenever they please.

They share a common interest in just living the good life in the peace and comfort of their homes, are employed or maintain connections with groups outside Sun City.

They are perfectly happy coming and going as they please, enjoying their homes and the incredible beauty of the community’s extraordinary common area landscaping.

While early and current marketing efforts promote a Lifestyle for active adults 55 years and better, the active Lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s interesting to recall that eighteen years ago, when the community was launched, the average age of the first residents was between 55 and 65.

Today, the average ages are 73 to 83. Those within those older averages are a lot less mobile and slightly less enthusiastic about participating and being physically active.

The ongoing aging process will forever create different demographics and will likely continue the 25% / 75% participation ratio. But, maybe not.

There is an interesting economic aside resulting from those who are active and those who are not.

Imagine if the current 25% became 50% of the estimated 9,000 residents who use the pool; the walking track; the fitness equipment; the card rooms, etc; and yes, even the parking lots. Space and the need for additional instructors and maintenance personnel would become an issue. Not to forget the need for more money.

While many residents are not as active as they once were, their inaction keeps the cost of providing trips, classes and meeting rooms within a modest price range for those pursuing an active life in Sun City.

So in a word…THANKS! Thanks to all Sun City residents who pay their monthly assessments to fund a multitude of activities for active adult residents.

Thanks to the many who fund the “few.”

Jim Darow
Neighborhood 5

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