Swinging for the gold

Glenn Groebli announced that once again “We have brought home the gold.”

Groebli, a team member for 16-inch softball and manager of the 70-plus division confirmed that, “We have dominated the race for the gold on the 6 County Senior Olympics in softball for the last 5 out 6 years.”

Members of 2017 70 plus Gold Winning Sun City Clippers. (Photo provided)

Members of 2017 70 plus Gold Winning Sun City Clippers. (Photo provided)

The Illinois Parks and Recreation Association (IPRA) Six-County Senior Games is now in its 36th year. Various events are held in various locations in the Chicago area. Participants come from the Chicago area including the counties of Cook, Lake, McHenry, Will, Kane, and DuPage.

Groebli explained, “Seniors ages 50 and up are invited to participate in various activities including golf, table tennis, bowling, track and field, doubles tennis, volleyball, softball, swimming, shuffleboard, and more.”

The First IPRA Senior event was held in 1981 at Northwestern University with around 200 participants and 131 cities represented. Throughout the years, the number of events and participants have grown.

This year on Wednesday, July 12, the Sun City Clippers took the field at Elk Grove Park District.

“Our team was grateful for the sponsorship of Chris, Lawn Services,” Groebli explained.

The reason for their success?

Groebli confided the secret: “Our advantage is that we know the other guys well and where they hit and we take that knowledge and play a good defense.”

“Our Sun City Bushwhacker’s (60+) did us proud also,” Groebli added, they brought home the silver.”

Members of 2017 70 plus Gold Winning Sun City Clippers are Gus Vaughan, Frank Yacono, Tom Bischoffer, Glenn Groebli, Fred Dryden, Ed Fabro, Jack Sietsema, Phil Haugrens, Bob Lodewych, Wayne Krueger, Mike Burns, Ron Tenggren, and Jerry Kolet.

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