Elvis has left the restaurant

Jim and Nancy do not disclose the fact that they will review a restaurant before they attend, ensuring their reviews are unbiased and uninfluenced by their position with the Sun Day.

It was a cold, dreary, Sunday morning. Cabin fever was rearing its ugly rear. Nancy was staring blindly at the computer screen when she noticed a Groupon coupon for a new brunch restaurant. I was staring at the TV screen sucking down my first cup of coffee when she yelled, “Breakfast is ready!” We bundled ourselves up, jumped into the Dining Duo Mini-Mobile, which now resembles a block of salt, and headed for Southern Belles Pancake House in Carpentersville.

Southern Belles Pancake House

152 S. Western Avenue
Carpentersville 60110
(224) 699-9959

Directions: Take Rte. 47 South to Freeman Road, East to Galligan Road, South to Higgins Road, East to Rte. 31, North to restaurant.

Estimated Travel Time: 21 minutes

It’s hidden away in a strip mall, but thanks to our GPS, aka, the B*#%h in the box, we found it. The parking lot was jam packed this Sunday morning, but the restaurant is so large we were pleasantly surprised when we were immediately seated. The décor was plain, but the back mirrored wall made the restaurant look like it went on forever.

On to our breakfast…They have a large menu of creative dishes which you will not find anywhere else, and a separate menu of specials for the day. Of course, Nancy didn’t find anything on the menu that she had a taste for, so she asked our waitress if she could have a build your own omelet. The waitress accommodated her and said she could pick five items for her omelet for $10.95. She was happy, happy since this morning she had a taste for an onion, bacon, green pepper, jalapeno, and American cheese omelet. This was served with hash browns or grits, she chose crispy hash browns, and pancakes or toast, and she chose the pancakes, since it is a pancake house. The pancakes were fluffy and the size of a dinner plate. The omelet was huge and was baked light and airy, but Nancy prefers her omelets fried on the griddle.

Jim was not sure what calorie-laden, heart stopping concoction to choose. There were so many that piqued his interest, but the heavens suddenly opened up, a choir started to sing, and a light shone down on “The Elvis” ($9.95), “Thank you very much.” This was French toast stuffed with peanut butter and bananas, topped with bacon and chocolate sauce. Someone please get him a white jumpsuit in XXL and call 911!!! Jim now see’s why Elvis looked the way he did at the end. This meal hit him like a ton of bricks and all he wanted to do was go home and take a nap. I can’t believe he ate everything on his plate, saving the bacon for last which he used to scrape up all the remaining chocolate sauce. He’s not dumb, chocolate covered bacon rocks!

FYI: They give senior discounts Monday through Friday and they are open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is a handicap accessible restaurant.

We are always looking for breakfast places that offer new and different dishes, and this place fits the bill. Anyone can cook bacon and eggs, but it takes imagination to dream up creative entrees like “The Elvis.”

The price for our relief from cabin fever was $28.70. Jim (Elvis) has left the building with his hips gyrating.

Jim’s take: My breakfast was a “hunk-a-hunk of banana love.”

Nancy’s breakfast was boring, but spicy and delicious.

Nancy’s take: My hash browns were not crispy like I wanted, shame on them. I liked Jim’s heart clogging, belt busting concoction. He may have eaten a hunk-a-hunk of banana love, but he’s no Elvis!

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