Split decision

Tie vote suspends election of board VP

A group of Sun City residents and the community’s board of directors got a good reminder on January 10 why there are always an odd number of members on a governing board.

Holdover board member Bob McGouey was absent that day as Sun City’s seven-member board convened to elect its officers for 2018. That left six members of the board to conduct the voting.

After unanimously electing Dennis O’Leary to a third one-year term as president, it came time to elect a vice president. Bob Wainscott and Marilynn Berendt were both nominated. Written ballots were tallied. There were three votes for each. The procedure was repeated with the same result. Finally, President O’Leary said the position will be left vacant temporarily until McGouey returned for the first formal community member meeting of the year yesterday (January 24).

This is O’Leary’s fourth year on the board. He has participated in Sun City’s government in many capacities since shortly after moving to Sun City more than a decade ago. Before the officer voting, O’Leary welcomed two newly elected board members and two re-elected ones. Robert Wainscott, who completed a one-tear term in 2017, and Steve Bytnar were re-elected to new two-year terms.

Russ Howard, who served several years as a member and chairman of the Facility Advisory Committee, was elected to a two-year term, and Vito Benigno, last year’s chairman of the Neighborhood Advisory Council and a former neighborhood rep, was elected to a one-year term. O’Leary, Berendt, and McGouey were holdover candidates in last year’s election. Retiring from the board on January 1 were Bonnie Bayser, former board president, and Linda Davis, last year’s board secretary.

Also at this organizational meeting, 11 community residents were appointed to 12 positions on three seven-member advisory committees that assist the board on policy and planning activities.

The Modifications Committee considers requests from residents to make modifications on the exterior their properties. Newly appointed to this group were Dottie Harrison, Kathy Magluilo, Rick Sperando, and Arlaine Yacano.

Named to the Covenants and Compliance Committee, which deals with issues related to the community’s governing documents and regulations, were Vicki Goldberg, Murriel Riedesel, Harrison again, and Gary Myers.

Appointed to the newly named Fitness and Wellness Committee, which advises the board on the community’s fitness facilities and programs, were Carole Marsh, Michael Christy, RoseAnn LoSasso, and Jim Lindren.

Bayser, who served in 2017 as the board’s vice president, was appointed to a two-year term on the Election Advisory Committee, which coordinates board nomination and election activities each year.

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