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  • CAM releases budget report

    Each year in July, the Sun City staff, Finance Advisory Committee, and Board of Directors begin the six-months-long process of creating and approving the budget for the following calendar year. The annual process concludes in December with final approval of all budgets for the next year.

  • New businesses breaking ground in town

    Remember when you had to go five miles to Randall Road for most of your shopping? Today, you just have to go to Route 47, Regency Square, or the Huntley Town Square, and you find most of what you need or want.

  • Second sledding hill slated for Deicke Park

    As soon as it snows in the upcoming winter season, a $2.5 million expansion by the Huntley Park District will be completed with a bit of winter fun – a second sledding hill in Deicke Park.

  • Governing board elections run smooth, near-49% voter turnout

    When voters have a lot of options as they choose their leaders, they will come to the ballot box.

    Ten Sun City residents put their names on the 2017 board of directors ballot this fall, and 2,643 community households responded in the mail-in balloting.  That’s nearly 49% of the association’s 5,400-plus eligible households.

    This was the biggest election, in terms of candidate and voter participation, ever held in Sun City Huntley’s 18-year history.

  • New Jewel and other industry headed to Huntley

    There’s a once-popular song that goes, “Everything’s up to date in Kansas City.”

    In Huntley, that title could be changed slightly: “There is always something new in Huntley.”

  • Transfer fee update

    Two additional facts about home resale transfer fees have been communicated to the Sun Day since our report on the subject in our October 19 edition.

  • Little Free Library ‘opens doors’ in Sun City

    Want to shorten your trip to the Huntley public library? Want to contribute a book to the library? Take a book home to read? Return a book?

    Many Sun Citians are readers, and now the Huntley Public Library, with help from an area Eagle Scout candidate, is bringing library services to a Sun City neighborhood.

  • Recent sale spurs questions regarding resale transfer fee

    When John Cox, a former resident of Neighborhood 12 in Sun City, recently sold his home, he paid more for the transaction than was legally required.

    He paid a resale transfer fee, even though his home was exempt from the fee because of its location and the date it was built.

  • Huntley maps out new plan for growth

    If you’ve been impressed by the Village of Huntley’s growth and expansion in the last 20 years, you haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Board proposes potential decrease in assessments

    Sun City’s board of directors plans to give residents an early Christmas gift this year.

    At the September 27 board meeting, it was announced that the draft 2018 association operating and reserve budgets will provide all residents with a $9.00 decrease (you read that right), in 2018 assessments.

  • Candidates raise key SC issues at recent forum

    On August 7, an extraordinary event occurred in Sun City.

    A group of 10 candidates seeking election to the community’s board of directors held a forum on leadership issues in an active adult community. About 300 residents attended.

  • Second crash on Hemmer Road sparks concern

    Hemmer Road in Sun City is turning out to be a very dangerous place for drivers.

  • In their own words

    A sudden surge in volunteerism is changing the way the Sun City association does things.

    There are 10 candidates vying for four open positions on the community board of directors in this fall’s election.  The 10 held a unique two-hour meet and greet session on August 7 in the Fountain View atrium in Prairie Lodge.

  • Wildflower shoreline improvement project sparks praise among residents

    The rear waterfall repair at Prairie Lodge probably is the most expensive repair project ever at Sun City ($480,000), but the Wildflower Lake shoreline repair may have the title of taking the longest time to complete.

  • Does Sun City need the security of lockboxes?

    In a community with a large seniors-only subdivision, a soon-to-open healthcare center, a major hospital, and a rapidly growing reputation as a healthcare location, why does a lockbox personal assistance program that is at least 20 years old go unnoticed?

  • Get ready to vote

    Suddenly, volunteerism is reviving in Sun City.

    Ten candidates have applied for four positions on the 2018-2020 Sun City board of directors term in this fall’s election.  This is the highest number of candidates in recent years, possibly ever. A strong promotional “be a volunteer” recruiting effort by the association staff in recent months was a big reason for the strong response.

  • Huntley Jewel evacuated for bomb threat

    The Huntley Jewel store in the Village Green Shopping Center was evacuated on July 26 after a store employee received a telephone bomb threat, police said.

  • Prairie Lodge fitness center renovation to begin

    Resident access to the Prairie Lodge indoor pool and locker rooms will be significantly limited for the next several weeks, starting next Monday, August 14.

  • Sewing their appreciation

    American veterans have been honored in many ways over the years – in parades, holiday celebrations, church services, city hall ceremonies, and just by someone coming up to them and saying “thank you for your service.” A lot of the attention and honor comes on Veterans Day, November 11, formerly called Armistice Day.

    But today, a new method of recognition has emerged – and it’s even making some of the vets cry.

  • 7-0 vote converts two tennis courts to pickleball courts, controversy arises

    For the past several years, the Sun City Tennis and Pickleball clubs have shared playing courts at the Tall Oaks Tennis Center. Schedules and court availability have been negotiated by leaders of both clubs.

    All of that is about to change, however.

  • CAM election time

    It’s board of directors election time again.

  • Little Free Library ‘opening’ soon in Sun City

    The Little Free Library movement in Huntley is expanding quickly.

  • Wrapped in appreciation

    If you served in the military or lived in America’s Vietnam era, you probably remember the controversy, hostility, demonstrations, and even violence that occurred.

    Homecomings for servicemen were often difficult. Returning veterans got chilly, sometimes hostile receptions, not thank yous.

  • Sew ‘N Sews irons out equipment questions

    Sometimes, good things happen in the most unexpected ways. Just ask Sun City’s Sew ‘n Sews Charter Club.

  • Box Tops effort met with success

    The “Box Tops for Bill” fund-raising effort in Sun City this past spring was unique and successful.

  • Was Kilroy here?

    Gather ’round, Sun Citians, and I’ll tell you a tale from World War II.

    If you were a GI in the early forties, you no doubt remember one of the war’s most famous phrases – Kilroy Was Here. On this 46th anniversary of Memorial Day, let us reminisce a little.

  • Route 47 corridor continues expansion

    Huntley’s Route 47 corridor continues to be a popular place for developers and businesses.

    Two projects – a Panera Bread restaurant and a luxury senior apartments facility – are in various stages of review by village officials.

  • New policies affect which positions CAM Board members can hold

    At the Sun City Association board workshop on May 10, the agenda topics were concealed weapon carry rules, election candidate guidelines, tennis courts resurfacing, and Wildflower Lake’s shoreline.

  • Belle Aire

    Just how brutal is war? Consider this: you report for combat duty in the army air corps in 1942, and you’re told 82% of you won’t make it back.

    Clarence “Bill” Winchell and 10 of his crew mates beat those odds and came home to tell their harrowing World War II stories when they flew on the legendary “Memphis Belle” B-17F bomber in Europe. Even their plane survived, although it absorbed a few machine gun and flak shells.

  • Prairie Lodge updates slated for 2017

    Several areas in Sun City’s Prairie Lodge are being remodeled or updated this year, but residents probably are most interested in three of them.