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  • Tips for outdoor playtime

    Spring has sprung and our dogs are anxious to get outside! There are a few precautions we should take in order to make sure their time outside is a safe one.

  • Are you and your dog compatible?

    It’s interesting to look at dogs and their human parents. Sometimes I can look at people and guess what type of dog shares their house. I, myself, am a laid back, confident person.

  • House training 101

    Do you know one of the top reasons owners relinquish their dogs to shelters is they claim their dogs can’t be housebroken? It’s sad but true.

  • Senior pet care, part 3

    I have often been asked about senior dogs, “How do you know when it’s time to let your dog go?” That is such a difficult question. As with everything else, the answer varies for everyone. It is a question only you can answer.

  • Senior pet care, part 2

    No two senior dogs are exactly alike and neither is their care. It is always important to work with your vet and canine nutritional consultant to determine what is the best course of action for your aging dog.

  • Senior pet care, part 1

    I will be writing a three-part series on senior pet care. Though this may not be the most popular topic to write about, it is an incredibly important one.

  • Where do all those dog phrases come from?

    I was sitting around the house thinking about my next article when my daughter dragged herself upstairs from her room and said to me, “I am sicker than a dog.” I thought to myself, where did that expression come from? Do dogs typically get sicker than humans? Well, I knew the answer was no, but it made me curious about the origins of some of our most commonly used canine expressions.

  • A checklist to help your dog be nice, not naughty this Christmas

    If you are looking to have a smooth holiday with your four-legged friend, you may want to sit him down and tell him the rules and guidelines below that will need to be followed. I would make him sign it so there are no misunderstandings! Have a happy holiday season, everyone!

  • Why some dogs dress up in winter

    Have you ever seen someone walking their little dog with a fur coat and booties on? Did you think to yourself that person is crazy to put clothes on their dogs or they have way too much money to spend? Fact is, some dogs should have clothing on to protect them from the cold elements.

  • It can never hurt to teach some puppy manners

    Being a responsible dog owner is a job that requires a lot of thought and effort. It doesn’t only include making sure that your dog is current on vaccinations, eating the right foods, getting proper socialization and plenty of exercise. A responsible owner should also teach their dogs what I like to call puppy manners and being respectful of others.

  • Is chocolate to die for?

    With Halloween right around the corner, it’s important that you take caution with what you give your dogs. It’s customary to give children chocolate, candy, and other delicious goodies, but what we give our kids is not necessarily good for our dogs.

  • Canine trivia and Fydo fun facts

    There are so many great things about dogs! I thought I would share some fun trivia with you that you can use to impress your friends! Try answering the questions first without looking at the answers on the bottom. Enjoy!

  • Choosing the right dog to share your life and home, Part II

    You’ve decided to purchase a dog from a breeder. Before you choose a breeder, here are some facts that you may want to consider first. First and foremost, never buy a dog from a pet store! Pet Stores are not breeders.

  • How to choose the right dog for you part 2: shelter/rescue Dogs

    There is a huge misconception that there is something wrong with dogs at shelters or rescues. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Most dogs are given up because of transitions in their humans’ lives, like moving into a new place that doesn’t allow dogs, having a baby, a new boyfriend is allergic to dogs, getting a divorce, or more.

  • How to choose the right dog to share your life

    Are you thinking about bringing in a new four-legged family member to join your family? You may be wondering how to decide if and what dog is right for you. There are many options to consider.

  • The reasons behind a dog’s bark

    I was sound asleep the other night, enjoying a nice dream, until my four-legged alarm clock began barking at the top of her lungs. As with most dogs, my dog also feels it’s her job to alert me of any squirrel that may be running through my yard. When I tell her I am aware, she typically goes back to sleep, but this night was different.

  • Is a dog park right for your dog?

    The idea of taking your dog to a dog park sounds like such a great idea. What could be wrong with your friendly dog playing with other dogs? They can have fun while socializing, getting some exercise, and enjoying the outdoors.

  • Keep your hot dog cool this summer

    Although summertime lends us a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, there are some precautions you should take to ensure your dog can enjoy the summer as well.

  • He’s only as old as he feels

    As I watch my big dogs run around, I laugh at how goofy they are romping, falling, and rolling in the grass for pleasure. They are so full of life! I often forget that one of them is a senior at seven years old and the other is middle-aged at three-and-a-half years old. No one told them they weren’t young anymore.

  • Sometimes a dog is just a dog

    I get asked all the time if certain behaviors are “normal.” Is it normal that my dog chases his tail incessantly? Is it normal for a dog to eat his poo? Or is it normal that my dog barks at anything that moves? My favorite was, I think my dog has a screw loose. Can you tighten it?

  • What makes dogs tick

    How can you prevent ticks from getting on your dog? The truth is that you can’t, but there are ways to minimize the risk.