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  • Getting to know your EquiFACTS

    It is becoming all too common these days.

    Each day there seems to be another instance of another security breach. Makes me nervous, you? As a tax preparer for the last 25 years, I know that identity theft issues are on the rise. What makes the most recent Equifax breach so alarming is the fact that they knew about it for six weeks before any announcement was made.

  • Body by plants

    It happened exactly one year ago. My active, seemingly healthy husband was in the hospital recovering from totally unexpected triple bypass surgery. We were just beginning to get used to the fact that he’d had a heart attack as he was recovering smoothly ready to go home on February 14 when his heart stopped. (I later learned that is not totally unexpected after open-heart surgery: the heart apparently decided it had enough).

  • In living colors

    I’d like to share my finding over my Architectural career regarding color perception and safety, especially for the seniors and the elderly.

  • New Girl in Town

    I’m blond with brown eyes, cute, energetic and two years old. I am Regina the new female yellow Labrador guide dog for Sun City resident Mary Kozy, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

  • Go ahead, make my Christmas day

    Merry Christmas! There. I said it. Now, before any touchy-feely, overly sensitive people tell me how politically incorrect I am, give me a chance to explain.

  • Our very first cruise (or: How young and stupid were we?)

    I don’t remember exactly when or even why my husband and I decided to take a cruise. We had never been on a cruise ship. We didn’t know anyone who had ever been on a cruise ship. We knew nothing about cruising. I do know it was a long time ago. There weren’t any cruise websites or message boards back then. Booking a cruise online was unheard of.

  • Aging in perfect harmony

    It seems to me an awful lot of this whole aging process is overblown.

  • Staying hip and cool in Sun City

    I love Sun City. I get to play with kids my own age. I still like to see an occasional man without earrings, one who limps like me in the morning and has a keg not a six pack stomach. However, living among our own generation has its drawbacks. You have to stay hip and cool or your grandkids won’t understand you and you won’t understand them. So, here are a few tips for living in Sun City without becoming a dinosaur.