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  • Case closed on MRIs – next time I’m going open

    The Sun Day offers up plenty of tips and advice. There are thousands of friendly neighbors living in Sun City. Now, between a newspaper publication and thousands of neighbors, do you think just one of you could have warned me?

  • A crash course in computers

    Did you know you can’t run a computer keyboard through the dishwasher? I didn’t. Apparently, you can’t use bacon fat to loosen a stuck key either. It works but it only smells good for a day or two.

  • Nine things I would do if I ruled the world

    1. I would eliminate child-proof caps on medicine bottles. Who can open them? Kids can. Who can’t open them? Me! I’m tired of waiting for the neighbor’s grandchildren to visit so I can ask them to open my prescription bottle.

  • I can’t take it anymore!

    Is it just me? If I watch any more TV that is not hockey, I think my eyes are gonna start bleeding. What’s the matter with the NHL/NHLPA? Don’t they know what they’re doing to me? They’re ruining a critical part of my life. And, yes, I’m taking it personally!