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  • Dealing with coyotes

    Coyotes are similar in appearance to some domestic dogs, but they are set apart by their pointed nose and bushy tail.

  • Keeping up to date on road closures, utilities issues, and more … and it’s free!

    Nixle is an online application that describes itself as a Community Information Provider. Nixle brings together agencies such as police-fire-utility services and organizations for us to get really useful information. And get this; you can receive this information in REAL TIME delivered directly to your cell phone with text messaging, e-mails, and Internet access.

  • Please join the effort to help our neighbors

    Since Sun City Neighborhood Watch’s inception in 2002, our board has been asked many questions like “why NW,” “what do you do,” and “I’m not walking around at night patrolling for crime,” among others. I hope this article clears up these questions and answers some I have not listed.

  • Think critically and avoid being scammed

    I personally have never been a victim of a phone or computer scam. However, I have often been solicited to enroll, get on board, chance of a life time, lower your tax bill, lower your car insurance, lower medical bills, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure calls to name a few.

  • Don’t become a “Humpty Dumpty”

    Falling – that is the subject of this article. A friend once told me an easy way to avoid falling is to constantly remain seated. Of course, that is not possible, and I don’t take any of his advice seriously. But falling is a serious issue.

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors 10/24/13

    It has been proven the best chance for surviving a serious car crash (with injuries) happens when the injured are treated as soon as possible. Hopefully within an hour of occurrence, known as the “Golden Hour,” when seconds count.

  • Project 365 new for this year’s National Night Out event in Sun City

    What is “Project 365?” Simply put, it is a Neighborhood Watch group setting a goal toward correcting a problem area in their community and/or expanding their NW mission. The results should be achieved in 365 days.

  • When should I call the police?

    The easy answer is when you see suspicious behavior. Now what is suspicious behavior or activity? Easy answer for some and not so for others. This is when it can get troublesome. So how do you determine when to call? I will try to give you some examples.

  • Huntley bicycle patrol pedals through the streets again this summer

    Our Huntley Police Department’s bicycle patrol is in action again. The program, which has been in force for several years, is designed to interact with our citizens. It will not replace the normal patrol duties of HPD but rather give it an extended outreach to the community during summer months.

  • It’s an emergency!

    What emergency you ask? Does someone need help? Did they call 911? My wife reminded me of a recent real life experience I would like to share with you.

  • Nixle keeps you up-to-date on road closures, utilities issues and more

    Nixle is an online application that describes itself as a “community information provider.” Nixle brings together agencies such as police/fire/utility services and organizations for us to get really useful information.

  • Safety tips for avoiding falls

    Keep your floors free of clutter and tripping hazards. Arrange furniture to provide open walking pathways.

  • Safety tips for driving in winter conditions

    Don’t drive at all if you can avoid it. If you must go out, wait until the snow plows have had a chance to do their work.