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  • Northern Europe, Part 4

    One of the great things about independent travel is that sometimes you stumble upon places and sites that you would most likely never have visited, but are totally glad you did once you experience it.

  • Northern Europe, part 3: On to the Bodensee!

    Traveling on your own, even with the best guidebooks, can still be confusing. Take the Bodensee Lake in Germany. It is also called Lake Constance and sometimes the Swabian Sea. Lake Constance is the international name which is derived from the local town of Konstanz.

  • Northern Europe, part 2: Driving through Deutschland

    Background: Some friends retired and enjoy traveling so they decided to do a train/driving tour in Northern Europe. They had planned on just a trip to Germany and Burgundy, but the airfares were horrible! After desperately searching the internet and all the travel sites, they found a package for a full month of European travel!

  • Northern Europe: Part 1

    Friends of mine retired and moved to Mexico, but enjoy traveling. They decided (actually, were somewhat forced) to do a train/driving tour in Northern Europe. They had planned on just a trip to Germany and Burgundy, but the airfares were horrible! Wow, who would have thought, right! So what to do?

  • A river runs through it

    Want to get away, but not too far? Try the Quad Cities (actually 5 towns now make up the Quads: Davenport and Bettendorf, IA, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline, IL). A short 21/2 hour drive by interstate and you’re on the Mississippi. We were there recently and took in the activities.

  • Sun City takes on the Land of the Rising Sun

    Sun City residents David and Karen, along with their two sons, recently visited Tokyo.

  • Savannah, Ga.: More than just biscuits, grits, and gravy

    Biscuits, grits, and gravy. What more would you expect from a trip to Savannah, GA? Well, actually a lot more. Mike and Addie, Neighborhood 17, recently returned from a trip to Savannah and had a lot to report; and yes, the food was great as well as other sights along the way.

  • Tibet’s high points

    As we all know, Tibet has mountains and most of the country is at a much, much higher altitude than Chicago. Where smog might have been an issue in China, just getting oxygen may be an issue in Tibet. While it won’t be on your schedule, you may feel like you are climbing Everest itself.

  • Traveling to China presents challenges

    We’ve all seen multiple pictures of the various wonders of China, but visiting and seeing it for yourself is different; the “touch and feel” makes it a definite lasting memory.

  • Why stop at Florida… when the Bahamas are so close!

    Time for a few warm thoughts. Many neighbors have fled the confines of Del Webb to the warmer clines of Florida, Texas, Arizona, or other locations while we are shivering, shoveling, and wrapping ourselves up to stay warm. Even with warm(er) weather approaching, getting some sunshine is always a good thing. Okay, so where would be a convenient tropical location with blue skies, warm waters, and oh, somewhere reasonably close? How about the Bahamas?

  • Vacation Destination

    The northern area of California offers a variety of vacation destinations. The wine country of Napa, Sonoma, and Russian River, and the coastal areas along Hwy 1 mirror those of central California south of San Francisco.

  • It’s always sunny in … California

    If you ask any native, every day in California is sunny, even in the rain or the smog. Relatives beckoned and we said, yes, we will visit, but we will also spend time sightseeing, visiting Napa and Sonoma, and enjoying the spectacular views from Hwy 1.

  • Cruising Around Alaska

    North to Alaska, North, the rush is on…

  • A summer in the Smokies, part 2

    Exiting the Smoky Mountain National Park from Gatlinburg, TN, we began navigating the downhill, mountainous, switchback roads leading to Asheville, NC.

  • A summer in the Smokies, part 1

    On top of Old Smokey, all covered in snow… Well, not in the middle of July with temperatures hovering between 90 and 100, but you are at 5,000+ feet so it does cool off fast.

  • Rocky Mountain High

    Rocky Mountain High…Colorado; well actually, we’re actually going to be exploring the Tetons in Wyoming.

  • Do you know the UK?

    When you hear someone says “United Kingdom” or “UK” what do you think it means? Most people think the phrase is only limited to England, but that’s not true. It also includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The UK almost lost Scotland recently, but the populous voted to retain the status quo.

  • Traveling sideways through Lisbon, there’s no other way

    The winds of Gitche Gumee definitely paid us a visit this winter and brought along some of the white stuff but that has ended, and while summer is soon approaching, it’s now the “shoulder” season for travel.

  • Arabian adventure in Morocco

    Hot days, cool evenings filled with the scent of late summer blooms. The mysteries of Arabian Nights, Casablanca, Rick’s Bar, camels, and the all-enduring Fez.

  • Get your motor runnin’ through Europe

    Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway. Looking for adventure…. Easyrider? Born to be Wild– Steppenwolf? Peter Fonda’s theme song? Well, maybe not but close when you talk with Herb and Jacqueline Pitzman (Neighborhood 7) about their motorcycle tour of Europe.

  • European River Cruise 2014

    It’s the end of the day, and you’re sitting topside listening to the gentle lapping of waves off the side of the ship, a glass of local wine in your hand to toast the end of the day, maybe some local cheese also. The setting sun is casting cloud-filtered shadows across the beauty of the river valley around you. You’re quickly surrounded by neighbors, old and new friends.

  • Lions and Tigers and Elephants … Oh My!

    Well, lions and tigers definitely, but not bears were spotted on Walter and Carol Roth’s recent African safari that included 3 countries: Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Replace bears with elephants, throw in an animal cracker box menagerie of other species, and you get a better picture of their adventure.

  • Travel back in time to Israel

    Israel: a small country fused together with ancient culture and divergent contrasts is 248 miles long, and 8 to 68 miles wide, yet its historical depth is 5,000 years old. Although it has seen much conflict, turmoil, and division, it possesses a raw and exquisite beauty that cannot be denied. Jerusalem is home to three world monolithic religions, namely, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, which all share rich history and holy sites.

  • I’m on top of the world…and the bottom

    From the top of the world to the bottom is approximately 12,416 miles, North Pole to the South Pole. A lot of miles to travel to reach these extremes of the earth, both similar in nature but still unique unto their own selves. And that’s what a Del Webb resident, Ruth Ann Houston, undertook: travel to both extremes to see what’s there!

  • Take a fall into Kentucky

    Quick, name the two largest waterfalls EAST of the Mississippi! I do believe you were able to name Niagara Falls but could you name or would you even know the second: Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. I didn’t, and I actually grew up not too far from there.