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  • Royals Lore

    This is for all you World Series fans out there. How many of you have boarded the Kansas City bandwagon, which has stormed into the Major League Baseball classic this year out of nowhere.

  • Turkey talk brings to mind appreciation of sports

    My wife (I love her dearly, God bless her) says, “If nose-picking was a sport on TV, he’d watch it.” It’s her way of describing how much of a sports fanatic I am.

  • How to decide which baseball bandwagon to jump on?

    Summer has embraced us in record-setting fashion. The Bulls found out one man was even more important than they thought, the Blackhawks got another dose of NHL parity, the Fire is good but probably not enough for glory, and the relentless heat just won’t leave us alone. Were our record-breaking temperatures another version of the hated Miami Heat?

  • Why can’t hockey just be hockey?

    I’ve loved Stanley Cup hockey. Until now. After you read this, you’ll either say “Yessssss” or call me naive or a wimp.

  • Sports Trivia: Who was Charles McNeil?

    All right, all you sports trivia guys out there, here’s one that I believe will stump most of you. Who was Charles McNeil?

  • The roots of America’s pastime

    Who Invented Baseball? Some say Abner Doubleday. Others say the New York Knickerbockers, the first organized team. Still, others say Albert Spalding or Henry Chadwick. As we all get cabin fever while winter assaults us from all sides, why not “think warm” with a glimpse into the origins of baseball, our national pastime?

  • Things that are in sports but shouldn’t be:

    Soldier Field’s Old Sod – Does the Chicago Park District have a cushy contract with the Soldier Field sod maintenance workers? I can’t think of any other reason why the park district insists on grass instead of field turf. They spent multi-millions in the 90s refurbishing Soldier Field, but refused to spend $1 million more for artificial turf. That makes no sense. They should stop listening to John Madden (who favors sod just because he likes dirty uniforms). The players want it and need it. Canceling a fan-based event for sod reasons recently was appalling. Come on, Bears, get yourself into the 21st century.

  • Control, balance returning to NFL?

    Hidden deep within a report predicting an end to the stalemate were some amazing nuggets of information about what this pact apparently says. There are actually some things in the agreement that come close to some of the things I’ve been wishing for years the NFL would do to make pro football more fan friendly, and (dare I say) good for the sport.

  • Body and mind teaming up for good health

    Competition. It’s like breathing, eating, or talking. It’s part of our natural makeup. We were born with the instinct to compete.

  • $uffering from its own success?

    Owners and players are at it again, posturing and manipulating each other into another agreement about what to do with their billions. There is simply too much money involved in this equation to make an early agreement between the players union and owners possible. There is too much leverage available—off-season mini-camps, the college draft, and even pre-season training camps.

  • A Reprise on the Baseball Hall of Fame

    This is take two on my commentaries on eligibility criteria for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. In take one, as you may recall, I stated the case for Pete Rose’s election to the hall, despite his gambling activities.

  • What’s Wrong With The Blackhawks?

    Stanley Cup champions last June, long shots to make the playoffs now. What’s going on with these on-and-off Chicago Blackhawks?

  • Pete Rose and the Baseball Hall of Fame

    I’d like to cast a vote for Pete Rose for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Unofficially, obviously.

  • What a legend is made of

    Who is the most important and significant sports figure in history? Babe Ruth? Muhammad Ali? Michael Jordan? Jim Thorpe? Babe Didrikson Zaharias? Wayne Gretzky? Billie Jean King? Walter Camp? Tiger Woods? Joe Montana? Willie Mays?

  • Today and tomorrow of Chicago’s winter season sports

    Hey, all you senior sports fans out there, here begins a bi-monthly column on your favorite subject.