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  • Scout’s Honor

    Jack Wirth was 12 years old on November 16, 1952, when he attended his first professional football game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

    The Los Angeles Rams, then a dominant professional team in pro football, beat the Chicago Bears, 40-24. Little did Jack know, however, that the event would shape his life, launch his career, and determine all of his future endeavors.

  • A new year, a new you, a new year’s resolution … or maybe not!

    The Merriam-Webster definition of New Year’s resolution: a promise to do something differently in the New Year. About 40% of American people make New Year’s resolutions to make themselves better people.

    This tradition did not originate here in America. Historical documents show that the Babylonians made promises to the gods for the New Year hoping to get a favor in return for their promise such as getting out of debt.

  • Deck the…

    “Music and merriment go right together,” according to Ed Richards. This is evident from the very first step into the Richards’ holiday house, known for its extensive holiday happiness.

  • Suddenly a Star

    Joe Nitti knows how to entertain.

    “I can do the Fox Trot but not show dancing,” he said. He continued to explain his success: “I thank Barbara O’Neil, she is a gift from God,” Nitti praises. “She is patient with me.”

  • Huntley historical rumors explained

    Every once in awhile, the Sun Day must crack some cases. Following is the result of our most recent research.

  • SSA

    A few times a week, Joe Marmion picks up the phone and talks to his friend Lorraine, an 85-year old resident of Sun City. He checks in with her and they chat; once a week, the two of them get together and go somewhere, or just spend time together.

  • 60 years together: A New York love story

    The love story of Lewis and Carole begins at a train station in New York.

    “We used to see each other casually because, for some reason, we used to take the same train home. I used to see her on the platform, and she used to see me on the platform,” said Lewis. “Every Friday, I would get flowers for my mom, and she would see me with the flowers. So we got to talking, and I made a date with her.”

    From here, Lewis and Carole’s story took a strange turn down an unexpected track.

  • Little Free Library ‘opens doors’ in Sun City

    Want to shorten your trip to the Huntley public library? Want to contribute a book to the library? Take a book home to read? Return a book?

    Many Sun Citians are readers, and now the Huntley Public Library, with help from an area Eagle Scout candidate, is bringing library services to a Sun City neighborhood.

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall

    If you’re close to 60 or older, you understand the disconnect between your own perception of your age and your actual age. It’s easy being a beauty at 16, but at 60, it takes some care and work.

    Sheila Osborne gave away some of the secrets for ageless skin recently in a class here in Sun City.

  • The Hot Air Balloon Ride: Checking it off the Bucket List

    Ah, the bucket list. Don’t we all have one as we look back on our lives, and start wondering what other adventure to have while we are still able? As seniors, we start thinking about time being such a precious, limited quantity.

    So, two of my brave women friends from Sun City, Jennifer Galloway and Betsy Davis, and I signed up for a hot air balloon ride with Nostalgia Ballooning Ltd. out of the Hampshire, Sky Soaring Airport just down the road.

  • Mason jar mania

    Forget fast food and BPA-laden food storage containers for good! Joyce Lande, certified nutritionist and Kitchen coach introduced some new ideas to Sun City residents in her class presentation “Mason Jar Food Fun.”

    “I want to ensure nutritional meals for families. And I will show you with Mason jars some quick and easy meals snacks and desserts,” she said.

  • Survivors thrive in stride

    They’ve been walking for cancer for 15 years. The first event was in 2002, the year that Rosemary Clooney’s lung cancer ended her life at age 74. She sang beloved classics like “You Make Me Feel So Young” and “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Members of the Breast Cancer Support Group of Sun City (BCSG) are missing friends who’ve passed too soon. That’s why they began walking.

  • National Night Out

    National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign started 34 years ago by National Association of Town Watch (NATW) that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

  • One family, nearly a century of combined military service

    The Mathis family lived in North Dakota.  There were seven boys and four girls. All seven boys enlisted in the U.S. Military service. I hope you will enjoy reading about their  lives  in the service of our country as much as I did writing about it.

  • Sewing their appreciation

    American veterans have been honored in many ways over the years – in parades, holiday celebrations, church services, city hall ceremonies, and just by someone coming up to them and saying “thank you for your service.” A lot of the attention and honor comes on Veterans Day, November 11, formerly called Armistice Day.

    But today, a new method of recognition has emerged – and it’s even making some of the vets cry.

  • Heart to heart

    Margitta (Kitty) Rizzo and her granddaughter, Maddy Popp, share a certain kind of heart: a caring one.

    This time, it’s Popp who is in the spotlight.

  • Huntley’s Angels

    There is a remarkable group of women who are impacting in our community.

  • Sun City Pilot Honored with Prestigious Wright Brothers Award

    Steven Seaman enlisted for the United States Air Force straight out of high school, before he had ever even taken a plane ride. It was 1965, and Seaman remembers boarding the plane that would take him to bootcamp.

    “I thought to myself, ‘This is pretty neat, these airplane things,’” he said. “I remember the sound of the gears and the flaps coming up.”

  • A Duck Tail

    As spring begins, mother Mallard ducks lay eggs in parks, planters, and other usual spots.

    This year, Sun City resident Gilberto Raffanti and his dog, Basil, discovered a duck nest with six eggs in their own back yard. That discovery was the beginning of an adventure that dominated Raffanti’s life for almost a month.

  • Was Kilroy here?

    Gather ’round, Sun Citians, and I’ll tell you a tale from World War II.

    If you were a GI in the early forties, you no doubt remember one of the war’s most famous phrases – Kilroy Was Here. On this 46th anniversary of Memorial Day, let us reminisce a little.

  • In a heartbeat

    In the middle of the night, 28 year-old Cindy Heigl found herself having emergency surgery without anesthesia to replace a faulty pacemaker. Awake, bruised, and scared, she uttered the only prayer she could muster: “Help me, help me, God,” Then, “Fix me, fix me…”

    Now, Heigl’s book, In a Heartbeat: My Miraculous Experience of Sudden Cardiac Arrest recounts her experience in 2014 when a wire in her pacemaker broke, causing her to flatline twice, for nearly 5 minutes.

  • No milling around

    Practicing extravagant tap dancing, incorporating live music, and sustaining a vibrant crew and cast, the Theatre Company of Sun City is as determined as Millie herself as they take on their spring production.

  • Radioactive

    You’ve seen them onstage, but now you can enjoy their performances from anywhere in the world.

    The Radio Players are a new extension of the Sun City Theater Company, and their show, Vintage Voices, debuted its second season on Huntley Community Radio this month.

  • Refresh button

    Social media is a popular way to keep up with friends and relatives, near and far. But while sharing photos and status updates and other information is a fun way to keep in touch on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Huntley Police Department reminds residents to be mindful about the information you post online.

  • How to outsmart common computer repair scams

    In the last six months, we have had a steady flow of members come into the computer club reporting that they have been the victim of a computer scam. In this scam, they receive a phone call or they get a pop-up on the computer screen telling you that a problem has been detected, and they should call the number they display.

  • Sun City resident takes aim at domestic violence in the workplace

    While sitting in the break room, a co-worker confides in you that she is being beaten at home by her boyfriend. Even worse, he may show up at her job, and she is scared.

  • Fight or Flight

    On December 1, Delta Airlines announced that it is resuming flights to Havana, Cuba, as part of the thawing of relations between the United States and its close Caribbean neighbor.

    What does this have to do with anything in Sun City?

    It is the final chapter in a story that started for a Sun City resident in 1984.

  • Do you hear what I hear?

    Sun City residents share unique Christmas memories.

  • Booking it in advance

    Huntley residents will be invited to “Take a Book, Return a Book,” when three new Little Free Libraries are installed in spring of 2017.

  • Once a Marine, always a Marine

    You’ve heard the well-known mantra of a famous American military branch – “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.” It’s almost as prominent as “Semper Fi.”

    One of the best examples of this legendary tradition is right here in Sun City, and she is still living it, at the age of 93. She started her journey in the Corps in 1943, and it reached an exciting climax in 2016, this past August.