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  • Jane Austen visits Creekside Lodge

    Eighty residents and their guests traveled back in time to 19th Century England on Sunday, May 4, as famed author Jane Austen paid a delightful visit to Creekside Lodge, courtesy of Edgewater’s Chapter One Book Club and the talents of dramatic impersonator and historian Debra Ann Miller.

  • First Annual Edgewater Volunteer Fair slated for May 17

    Residents who are interested in giving back to the greater Elgin and Fox Valley community are invited to attend the first annual Volunteer Fair at Creekside Lodge on Saturday, May 17 from 10 a.m. to 12. p.m. At this event, more than 20 different locally based organizations will have representatives and information on hand about the types of services they provide, hoping to attract new volunteers.

  • Edgewater Edge: Goodbye and farewell

    I regret to inform you that this edition of the Sun Day is the last edition that will serve the Edgewater Community.

  • Elgin Co-op hopes ‘Feast-ival’ inspires food discussions

    A film series focused on food is underway in Elgin that asks viewers to consider what food goes through before arriving on shelves, tables, or in a mouth.

  • Medical bus brings health on wheels to veterans

    Veterans Mobile Medical Unit serves Edgewater Vets for the first time

  • Operation Warrior Wishes tells their mission to Edgewater vets

    Coming off a grueling but thrilling tour of all 32 NFL stadiums in 17 weeks and having returned from a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII, Craig Steichen and his son Matt had plenty of stories to tell.

  • Stirring into the new year

    EDGEWATER – It’s February, and for those whose New Year’s resolutions have already faded, fear not – Chinese New Year just passed on Jan. 31, giving a fresh chance to set new goals.

  • Creekside Lodge’s library keeps the pages turning

    When the snow is falling and chilly winds blow, there’s nothing like curling up with a good book to stir your inner warmth.
    From the time we opened our very first books, many of us began a love of reading that transported us to wondrous worlds of knowledge, entertainment, and adventure.

  • Cultures connected through cycles of winter

    They may not be arriving on horseback, but on Dec. 21, visitors to the Elgin Public Museum can experience the winter solstice similar to how ancient Celts would have.

  • Saving children, one box at a time

    On the third Wednesday of every month, a team of about 20 Edgewater volunteers gather at Creekside Lodge, carpool to a warehouse in Aurora, and fill shipping boxes with life-sustaining food products destined for some of the world’s neediest recipients.

  • Waves of savings

    Elgin’s WRMN has thrived on an innovative business model based on a timeless virtue: thrift

  • Scarecrows bring residents flocking to Creekside Lodge

    The straw men (and women) standing outside Creekside Lodge for the past couple of weeks were not doing a very good job of stopping anyone from coming inside. What they did well, however, was to draw in visitors with warm autumn welcome.

  • Fashion falls on Edgewater

    When the air turns crisp and leaves turn color, most women search their closets for clothing suitable for the incoming season.

  • Plenty of room to laugh in basement of Hemmens

    At what must have been a mutual intermission, a crowd clad in tuxedos, tails, and formal gowns made their way down to the basement of Elgin’s Hemmens Cultural Center to take a rest.

  • Edgewater, Elgin recognize Vietnam vets together

    On Sept. 27, Edgewater veterans and civilians will come together to experience a dramatic interpretation of soldiers’ experiences during the Vietnam War.

  • Edgewater residents show they’re pretty crafty

    EDGEWATER — Talented artists and crafters around Edgewater ply their skills year-round, sometimes purely for the joy of the creation. But when they can share the results of their labors with appreciative consumers, it’s frosting on the cake.

  • A summer full of songs

    The slick, jazz-tinted chords of Dusty Springfield’s “Spooky” rang through the breezy August air, and the finale of Edgewater’s 2013 Music on the Green concert series began.

  • Keeping the faith at Edgewater

    Retired minister and author Dr. Bruce Pullen and his wife Judy have been helping their Edgewater neighbors enrich their spiritual lives through the CAFÉ group since 2007.

  • Time ticks on at Elgin Area Historical Society

    Learning facts about one’s hometown can be difficult depending on the resources provided and any documents that may still ex­ist.

  • Slow spokes keep the fun rolling

    Riding a bike can be a different activity to just about anyone who gets on one.
    For some, it’s a way to get out into nature and trek over hilly, rugged terrain. For others, a bike is an eco-friendly way to get to the store. Some like to push themselves to new distances or speeds: those riders would fit right in with the Edgewater pedalers.

  • Parade marches through streets and time

    Twirling batons, blasts of brass, and massive floats rolling down the street are enough to jog almost any mind back to childhood memories.
    Spectators at this year’s Fourth of July Parade in El­gin may find themselves traveling farther back in time – in some cases to a time well before they were born.

  • A well-connected kitchen

    Some chefs chase recipes with a Captain Ahab-like obsession. They are consumed by the work of refining their ingre­dients and methods until they know the dish is the best that they can possibly make. Like those chefs, Fran Hol­mstrom has a white whale of her own: the chocolate chip cookie.

  • Pursuing the past

    For anyone who’s ever wondered about their family’s roots and countries of origin — and which of their ancestors were tradesmen, states­man, heroes, or horse thieves — you may have been bitten by the genealogy bug.

  • Threads of charity

    “We’re a small group but we do mighty things,” Dawn Schultz, vice president of Krafty Needlers, said of her group.

  • An exposition of teamwork

    With six years of experience under their belts, the Edgewater Home and Lifestyle Expo committee has their operation down pat.

  • The comedy and tragedy of a grueling trip to the theater

    My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary by purchasing tickets for “The Book of Mormon” followed by a lovely dinner. The entire day including parking, gas, theatre tickets and dinner, totaled an amount somewhere between a mortgage payment and a student loan.

  • A Sweet Dream Fulfilled

    Their names are as colorful, intriguing, and exotic as the products themselves: “Blueberry Lemon, Carrot Crazy, Maple and Bacon, Margarita, Pina Colada, Ebony and Ivory, Strawberry Lemonade Banana Split, and Red Velvet Cheesecake.”

  • Step into the Cactus Zone for modern Mexican food

    Looking for a cool little place to have some very atypical Mexican food? Then check out Cactus Zone, 1025 W. Main Street, in Sleepy Hollow.

  • In today’s world, taking time to mind manners doesn’t go unnoticed

    I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the shock, pain, and confusion we are all experiencing in the wake of the Boston bombings and following so soon after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Sometimes ‘A Slice of Life’ is bitter, and these are certainly such occasions.

  • Digging in the history-rich mines of Colorado

    When Karen Vendl was asked to fill in for her boss and interview an applicant for a position at the Environmental Protection Agency office in Chicago, she did not know she was recommending someone she would be working with over 30 years later.