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  • Step into the Cactus Zone for modern Mexican food

    Looking for a cool little place to have some very atypical Mexican food? Then check out Cactus Zone, 1025 W. Main Street, in Sleepy Hollow.

  • Briana’s a budding breakfast favorite

    Natalie made our day when Roland and I checked out Briana’s Pancake Café at 572 Randall Road in South Elgin. She greeted us as we walked in and said we could sit anywhere we wanted. The choices are many for a small place. There was a counter with stools, booths, and little tables for two, as well as a long table for larger groups.

  • My first (and surely not last) time eating Thai food

    My good friend (since 3rd grade) Marlene called me from work one dreary Friday afternoon and suggested going for Thai food. Hmm…Roland was out of town…why not? I had never had Thai food before…why not!

  • An eclectic lunch date at breakfast favorite Benedict’s

    Judi, my good friend and neighbor, and Glynn, my new friend and neighbor, joined me for a lunch date at Benedict’s Eggs and More, 8 S. River Street, just across the river in East Dundee off Route 72.

  • Al’s Cafe brings a worldly spin to the old malt shop style

    Our good friends, Rich and Sharon, joined us for dinner last Saturday at an old standby in Elgin, Al’s Café and Creamery, at 42 Du Page Court. Fortunately, we arrived before the rush, as we had no reservations.

  • Little Panda’s great value puts it above other local Chinese spots

    With Chinese New Year right around the corner, Roland and I decided on some Chinese food at Little Panda, 267 S. Randall Rd., in Elgin. I had heard some very favorable comments about this place. We were already on the road and decided to stop and order our food and eat right at the restaurant.

  • Our Place recalls childhood Wisconsin vacations

    Since I have been writing this column, several friends have suggested nearby restaurants for review. One of those places is Our Place Restaurant at 889 N. La Fox Street, in South Elgin. This old establishment has a whole lot of character.

  • Find your way over to Foxtrail for great breakfast specials

    As I left the doctor’s office early this morning, I suggested that Roland and I get some breakfast. He immediately thought of a place that he had seen in his travels up and down Route 31, in South Elgin. We arrived at the Foxtrail Restaurant, 800 North La Fox Street, at the front end of a strip mall, across from the Fox River.

  • Cafe Roma goes well beyond the typical Italian restaurant

    My mother-in-law, Mimi, was visiting us for the holidays, and she had a taste for an Italian meal prepared the Italian way. She was born and raised in Italy, travels to visit yearly, and knows her Italian dishes. So Roland and I took her to Café Roma, a true “hidden gem” at the end of Point Boulevard in Elgin, behind and to the right of Country Inn Suites.

  • Porter’s provides a cure to the Octoberfest itch

    With November just a few days ahead of me, I realized that I had not had an Octoberfest beer for the season. With that in mind, I suggested to my husband that we get in on some good brew at Porter’s Pub, 1250 Bowes Creek Boulevard, in Elgin.

  • Established Elgin diner perfects classic comfort food dishes

    Welcome to the new restaurant review column “Eating around the Edge.” I’ve lived in Edgewater for five years with my husband, Roland. Together we like to explore restaurants in and around the area. He calls it “his turn to cook.”