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  • Inauguration Imagination

    It took a lot of chutzpah for me to ask my close friend Beth to make arrangements for me to be part of the 2009 inauguration. She’s a VIP in the political circle, and the fact is, she owed me a favor…big time.

  • It All Started with Tyrone Power

    AH! ROMANCE! It has to start somewhere. With me, it all started with Tyrone Power. The movie was “Love Is News,” the year was 1937 and I was eight years old. It was the first Tyrone Power movie I ever saw.

  • An Easter Story

    Many years ago while working for the national office of the Young Christian Workers in a very poor area in Chicago, a young man came to our door seeking some help. I’ll call him Tony. Tony explained that he was diabetic and asked if we could keep his insulin and needle in our refrigerator, as he was living on streets along Skid Row nearby our office. He also asked for a few dollars to possibly rent a room for a few nights in the area. Tony looked awful. He had sores all over him, and his stomach stood out abnormally on his little frame.

  • It happened just before Good Friday

    Walking down the city streets that evening was exhilarating. I loved the city. There was the smell of fresh unleavened breads, herbs, and roasted lamb coming from the open windows of the houses. You could hear the sounds of wine being poured into cups and the hymns of the Passover meal being sung in each home.

  • The Innkeeper said what?

    The only job I knew was to clean the big stable that was in a cave close to the Inn. I loved animals and loved taking care of them – so, it was fun.

  • This Thanksgiving especially, thank you for serving our country and us

    Some thought that November 11, ’11 was just a date of “all 11’s.”

  • Miss Mayflower

    The “Mayflower” I write about today is not about the ship crossing dark waters, facing severe storms, carrying cargo and pilgrims escaping religious persecution. It is not an event of the 1600’s but rather the 1900’s. The guiding force is not the captain of the ship, Master Christopher Jones. It is Miss Annabelle Mayflower, a teacher extraordinaire whose guidance led the way for many children as they tried to fit comfortably in the world around them. I was fortunate to have been one of those children in that magical classroom.

  • Old photos

    Smile: how many times have you heard the word before someone snapped a shutter in your lifetime? And where are the results of that moment?

  • Hugh Justin Dongettit

    Two weeks ago, my wife, Sofia, told me she would like to celebrate my birthday with a party. She was going to invite old friends, new friends, neighbors, co-workers, and some family members. “Would you like to have a party, Hugh?” she asked. I thought about it for less than ten seconds and I said, “Yes, I would.” After all, I thought, I’ve been looking pretty good these days — working out at the gym for hours — not just exercising, but body building as well. Since I haven’t seen most of these people lately, it would be cool to show them a 65-year-old guy who doesn’t look a day over 50. “Oh God, I love myself,” as I kissed my arm. (mwa-mwa.)

  • Rabbitat for humanity

    If it wasn’t for that well-meaning couple from Sun City, I wouldn’t be stuck in this pickle. Victor and Belle were obviously not graduates of MIT but they THOUGHT they were. It was their hope to rid themselves of me and my family without destroying us completely. Their engineering skills to accomplish this resulted in a day I would never forget.

  • Not a Bad Day

    As I hit the swinging doors, the sounds of tumbling pins, noisy racks, and granite balls coasting over slick varnished lanes vanished behind me. The sidewalk was still warm from baking in the hot summer heat, but the evening air was cool and I felt like walking. Heading south, down Cicero Avenue,I passed the BelPark picture show and the heavy scent of buttered popcorn came wafting out into the street … carried by the icy conditioned atmosphere of the double feature emporium. I was tempted. But I passed on the popcorn and continued up the street.

  • Invisible Hugs

    Before I write about my mother’s hidden treasure, I would like you to know about my mother… who was herself a hidden treasure.

  • Mother to Mother

    To Martha with love.

  • Buzz

    A poem by Joe Loughlin.

  • What’s the Score in the War?

    A poem by Betty Reffke.

  • Good Friday

    Didius tied the straps of his sandals as he prepared to report for duty. He moved slowly and hung his head in spite of the beautiful spring morning. His wife Panthia watched him from the other room. She could no longer contain her concern.

  • Miss Ann Thrope

    Soon after the death of Millie Elgor, a dear friend of mine for many years, I found myself in a rather uncomfortable position. Millie’s sister, Georgia, called me to ask if I would be able to fly to Red Hook, New York, where Millie owned a small cottage. Georgia and the rest of her close-knit family knew of our trusting and loyal friendship since the early days of our youth. They themselves could not bear the task of going through her personal belongings.

  • Breath of Fresh Air

    A poem by John D. Smith.

  • It can only happen in Sun City

    It all started out on February 1, the night of the big blizzard. We have a small group of men that play cards on the first and second day of the month. Well, February 1st was the day, and we responded.

  • The pregnant brown coat

    When Rachel and I met, we somehow knew our friendship would be deep and long lasting.

  • Uncle Harry was a cow poke

    Actually, Uncle Harry was a rustler and bank robber … a tobacco chewing, cussing, odiferous, nasty, hell bent for election, no good. He never rustled herds or any large quantity of bovine creatures.

  • Writer’s Corner: Heart Trouble

    Margo Coeur was shopping at the supermarket one morning when she experienced a small but significant incident.