Election ballot overview: what you need to know

Rutland Township’s leadership group has been lively in recent months, and the April 4 election of officers will reflect that.

Fifteen candidates are offering to serve in eight positions starting in May and in January, 2018. Three of the candidates are residents of Sun City. Rutland Township is located in Kane County, which also includes close to two-thirds of Sun City.

Here, for the information of township voters, is how the ballot will look on April 4:

For Supervisor: incumbent Margaret Sanders, and challenger Elden Brauer. Both are residents of Sun City. The Supervisor also serves as a trustee and chairperson of the board.

For Assessor: incumbent Janet Siers and challenger Gary Fritz.

For Trustees (four to be elected): incumbents Fred Bulmahn, Steve Schuldt, John Payson, and Raymond Eaton, and challengers Charleen Carlsen (current township clerk), Nick Hoffman, and Vic Keegan. Bulmahn is a resident of Sun City.

For Highway Commissioner: incumbent Howard Jay Schultz, and Wayne Kaschub

For Clerk: Kathleen Rendl and Arnold Klehm

All terms are for four years. Elected candidates for the positions of supervisor, trustee, highway commissioner, and clerk will begin their terms in early May. The elected assessor will begin the new term on January 1, 2018.

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