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  • Rutland Round-up

    Amid the din and confusion in Rutland Township in recent years, some silver linings have emerged.

  • Kent is a “perfect fit” for Sun City

    Remember the Hollywood movie, “The Perfect Storm?” It was the fictional story of an ocean storm that turned into a disaster for a group of fishermen.

  • McHenry County Gardenfest back in bloom

    Spring has sprung, and the grass has riz’!

  • Other important facts you should know about heart disease

    Heart disease is the U.S. #1 cause of death, responsible for one in every four deaths.

  • Spring means Sun City Softball

    Now is the time to put away the snow blower, clean up the lawnmower, and most importantly, get the bat bag out from storage and get ready to play Sun City Softball.

  • Village of Huntley warns about IRS Scams

    This time of year, our thoughts turn to spring and the fun of filing our taxes. Ok, so filing taxes is not fun. Unfortunately, some criminals prey on the stress and anxiety of tax season with IRS and tax related scams.

  • Radioactive

    You’ve seen them onstage, but now you can enjoy their performances from anywhere in the world.

    The Radio Players are a new extension of the Sun City Theater Company, and their show, Vintage Voices, debuted its second season on Huntley Community Radio this month.

  • Village entertains idea of hotel development

    In the past 18 years, the Village of Huntley has expanded its business and industrial base in many ways – foreign-owned and domestic manufacturing and warehousing facilities, shopping centers, restaurants and boutiques, educational facilities, medical and healthcare centers, banks, and a Walmart. And of course, the Midwest’s largest active adult community, Sun City.

  • Seven simple steps towards heart health

    In 2010, the American Heart Association introduced “Life’s Simple Seven,” which were steps the public could take to reduce their risk of developing heart disease. A new study informs us that over the span of 11 years, people who met three or four of the heart health steps had a 55% lower risk of cardiac mortality than those who adhered to two or fewer of the criteria.

  • Potential retail development edges closer to Sun City borders

    Additional details of a proposed large retail development immediately south of two Sun City neighborhoods are starting to emerge.

  • Rutland controversy continues to simmer

    Acrimony and controversies continue to dominate Rutland Township.

    Most of it involves township finances, accounting, and financial reporting practices. The factionalized board manages to carry out most functions in spite of, rather than because of, the differences among the elected officials.

  • Electronic Personal Assistants: Caveat Emptor

    We’ve all heard the shocking news stories:

    • Approximately one billion user accounts have been stolen from Yahoo, the company confirmed. The data breach is the largest from a single site in history.

  • Huntley construction projects get the green light

    Three Village of Huntley construction projects for 2017 will be especially significant for Sun City residents.

  • Disconnect in Rutland heats up elections

    In Rutland Township, the challenges and controversies seem endless.

  • 2017 focuses on interior renovations for Sun City

    In 2016, Sun City officials focused their maintenance efforts on exterior facilities – Prairie Lodge’s rear waterfall, Wildflower Lake and Park, and the retaining wall near Meadow View Lodge’s main entrance.

  • It’s healthy snack time!

    Most of us engaged in big-time snack eating throughout the recent exciting Super Bowl football game. The question remains: Did we control the calories and nutrition level of what we devoured?

  • Refresh button

    Social media is a popular way to keep up with friends and relatives, near and far. But while sharing photos and status updates and other information is a fun way to keep in touch on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Huntley Police Department reminds residents to be mindful about the information you post online.

  • Rutland controversy comes to a close

    On December 30, Margaret Sanders, an 18-year Sun Citian, was charged with violating a state election regulation about her nominating petition for public office.

  • How to outsmart common computer repair scams

    In the last six months, we have had a steady flow of members come into the computer club reporting that they have been the victim of a computer scam. In this scam, they receive a phone call or they get a pop-up on the computer screen telling you that a problem has been detected, and they should call the number they display.

  • Election ballot overview: what you need to know

    Rutland Township’s leadership group has been lively in recent months, and the April 4 election of officers will reflect that.

  • Mixed outcomes for outlet mall shops

    Two sharply contrasting developments livened things up this month at the Huntley Outlet Center.

  • Winter low-impact fitness routines

    Now that we are thoroughly entrenched in the cold, cloudy days of the Midwest winter, what are we to do to lift our physical and mental health?

  • Just a little taste of truthiness in a factish world

    I had an interesting post-factual encounter the other day. You’ve probably heard the term “post-factual” recently. After all, we just came through a whole slew of the most fact-challenged election campaigns in history.

  • Sun City resident takes aim at domestic violence in the workplace

    While sitting in the break room, a co-worker confides in you that she is being beaten at home by her boyfriend. Even worse, he may show up at her job, and she is scared.

  • Controversy surrounds leadership in Rutland

    This is the first of two Sun Day reports on a leadership controversy in Rutland Township, which is located in Kane County. Nearly two-thirds of Sun City (the southern section) is located in Rutland, which is one of 16 townships in the county.

  • Visiting your doctor as your own best patient advocate

    As we age, office visits to our health providers will inevitably become more numerous. With today’s average of 15-20 minutes allotted for doctor visits, it behooves us to become our own best patient advocates.

  • Wainscott fills vacant seat on board, O’Leary reelcted as president

    Sun City’s board of directors filled a vacancy in its ranks, appointed its 2017 officers, and appointed liaisons to nine advisory and support committees and councils in its organizational meeting on January 11.

  • Donations warm more than the heart

    Willowcreek Huntley members and Sun City residents (right to left) Jacque Johnson, Ken Stumpf, Chad Johnson, and Nancy Stumpf prepare the 392 new children’s coats,110 pairs of gloves and 41 hats collected by Willowcreek Huntley to donate to Grafton Food Pantry.

  • Fight or Flight

    On December 1, Delta Airlines announced that it is resuming flights to Havana, Cuba, as part of the thawing of relations between the United States and its close Caribbean neighbor.

    What does this have to do with anything in Sun City?

    It is the final chapter in a story that started for a Sun City resident in 1984.

  • Woodchucks build, donate prayer boxes to local hospital

    Sun City Woodchuck member Bill Ziletti was contacted in August, 2016 by Justin Searles (chaplain at the new Centegra Huntley Hospital) to see if the Woodchucks would be interested in building prayer boxes for the new hospital. Bill met with Justin to discuss the design and review the pictures of the current boxes.