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  • Mason jar mania

    Forget fast food and BPA-laden food storage containers for good! Joyce Lande, certified nutritionist and Kitchen coach introduced some new ideas to Sun City residents in her class presentation “Mason Jar Food Fun.”

    “I want to ensure nutritional meals for families. And I will show you with Mason jars some quick and easy meals snacks and desserts,” she said.

  • Second crash on Hemmer Road sparks concern

    Hemmer Road in Sun City is turning out to be a very dangerous place for drivers.

  • It’s all in the cards

    Interested in playing American Mahjongg? Well, Holly Ravitz President and Carole Lange Vice President are ready to welcome you as an experienced or beginner player in Sun City’s Mahjongg Club.

  • Reduce that sodium intake!

    Besides the major problems of senior kidney and cognitive functioning, Kay Alberg, a Mayo Clinic Health System registered dietitian in the Community Shopper, explains that “Sodium intake is associated with increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.”

  • Hoofers and Hunks annual show

    The Hoofers and Hunks are excited to tap their feet to some great music when they perform in their 15th Annual Show Sunday, September 24 at 2:30 PM and Monday, September 25 at 7 p.m. Both shows will be at Sun City’s Prairie Lodge in Drendel Ballroom. Tickets are $5 and will be available at the door.

  • Hang Your Hat: September 21, 2017

    Letters for the week of September 21.

  • In their own words

    A sudden surge in volunteerism is changing the way the Sun City association does things.

    There are 10 candidates vying for four open positions on the community board of directors in this fall’s election.  The 10 held a unique two-hour meet and greet session on August 7 in the Fountain View atrium in Prairie Lodge.

  • Wildflower shoreline improvement project sparks praise among residents

    The rear waterfall repair at Prairie Lodge probably is the most expensive repair project ever at Sun City ($480,000), but the Wildflower Lake shoreline repair may have the title of taking the longest time to complete.

  • Warning signs and coping methods for seasonal affective disorder

    In “The Emotional Calendar,” written by Harvard psychiatrist, John Sharp, the author relates that autumn can mark the end of a relaxed summer, mourned by many people. Others of us welcome the fall season that can mean the return to a routine of order. It is, however, a certainty that summer’s conclusion brings cooler nights and darker mornings, which are accompanied by our changes in routines, expectations, schedules, and even relationships

  • Does Sun City need the security of lockboxes?

    In a community with a large seniors-only subdivision, a soon-to-open healthcare center, a major hospital, and a rapidly growing reputation as a healthcare location, why does a lockbox personal assistance program that is at least 20 years old go unnoticed?

  • If you build it, they will come

    Glenn Groebli has been involved with senior softball for 20 years, playing with the “Chicago Geezers 75s,’ a USA National traveling tournament league. “It’s good to be active as you grow older. You have to find your hobby – your sport” Groebli advised. “And what’s really nice is the camaraderie.”

    Groebli, president of the Sun City Softball Club decided to honor the many veterans in their softball club and bring the community to Eakin Field.

  • How to develop strong health habits

    Here are three simple suggestions that will help you to make sound habit development, whether it be quitting smoking, increasing social life through charter club or support group volunteering, or stimulating one’s mind with appropriate reading material.

  • Get ready to vote

    Suddenly, volunteerism is reviving in Sun City.

    Ten candidates have applied for four positions on the 2018-2020 Sun City board of directors term in this fall’s election.  This is the highest number of candidates in recent years, possibly ever. A strong promotional “be a volunteer” recruiting effort by the association staff in recent months was a big reason for the strong response.

  • Hang Your Hat: August 10, 2017

    Letters for the week of August 10.

  • Huntley Jewel evacuated for bomb threat

    The Huntley Jewel store in the Village Green Shopping Center was evacuated on July 26 after a store employee received a telephone bomb threat, police said.

  • Prairie Lodge fitness center renovation to begin

    Resident access to the Prairie Lodge indoor pool and locker rooms will be significantly limited for the next several weeks, starting next Monday, August 14.

  • Survivors thrive in stride

    They’ve been walking for cancer for 15 years. The first event was in 2002, the year that Rosemary Clooney’s lung cancer ended her life at age 74. She sang beloved classics like “You Make Me Feel So Young” and “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Members of the Breast Cancer Support Group of Sun City (BCSG) are missing friends who’ve passed too soon. That’s why they began walking.

  • Drinks on the Driveway and the Revolutionary War

    Can you guess what this picture is? If you attended the presentation by Mike Ptak on June 30 on “The Soldier in The War for Independence,” you know the answer.

  • Wanted: Outstanding pool etiquette and pool sanitary behavior

    We are thoroughly entrenched in the “dog days of summer,” having already received multiple warnings about too much sun and too many biting disease-bearing ticks. Concerning our indoor and outdoor pools, Sun City/Huntley’s seniors should have been taught by now how to enter our community’s swimming lanes using notification of their presence as a form of safe and proper etiquette.

  • National Night Out

    National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign started 34 years ago by National Association of Town Watch (NATW) that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

  • One family, nearly a century of combined military service

    The Mathis family lived in North Dakota.  There were seven boys and four girls. All seven boys enlisted in the U.S. Military service. I hope you will enjoy reading about their  lives  in the service of our country as much as I did writing about it.

  • Sewing their appreciation

    American veterans have been honored in many ways over the years – in parades, holiday celebrations, church services, city hall ceremonies, and just by someone coming up to them and saying “thank you for your service.” A lot of the attention and honor comes on Veterans Day, November 11, formerly called Armistice Day.

    But today, a new method of recognition has emerged – and it’s even making some of the vets cry.

  • Top your pizza with probiotics?

    You may expect more bugs in your food this summer! Though in the recent past, you might have only found probiotics in your yogurt, now food companies are adding the digestive and immune system helpers to granola, juices, baking mixes, and even pizza and water!

  • 7-0 vote converts two tennis courts to pickleball courts, controversy arises

    For the past several years, the Sun City Tennis and Pickleball clubs have shared playing courts at the Tall Oaks Tennis Center. Schedules and court availability have been negotiated by leaders of both clubs.

    All of that is about to change, however.

  • The Stingrays take a ‘Spring Fling’ at charity

    May 13 marked the Stingrays Swim Club’s 5th Annual Service Auction for Charity.

  • Heart to heart

    Margitta (Kitty) Rizzo and her granddaughter, Maddy Popp, share a certain kind of heart: a caring one.

    This time, it’s Popp who is in the spotlight.

  • CAM election time

    It’s board of directors election time again.

  • Solar firecrackers visible with upcoming eclipse

    If you view the solar eclipse on August 21, you may be surprised by the awesome sight of “Solar Fire Crackers.”

  • Little Free Library ‘opening’ soon in Sun City

    The Little Free Library movement in Huntley is expanding quickly.

  • Wounded Warrior Project soars to success

    Wounded Warrior Project of McHenry and Lake County had a fun-filled day on June 17, getting to fly radio control simulators and real model airplanes as well as watching scale model and aerobatic radio controlled airplanes and helicopters put on a show.