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  • Scout’s Honor

    Jack Wirth was 12 years old on November 16, 1952, when he attended his first professional football game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

    The Los Angeles Rams, then a dominant professional team in pro football, beat the Chicago Bears, 40-24. Little did Jack know, however, that the event would shape his life, launch his career, and determine all of his future endeavors.

  • Huntley’s 2018 village plans build off last year’s goals

    One thing never changes in Huntley – and that’s the process of change.

    Put another way, if you thought 2017 was a banner year for expansion in the Village of Huntley, wait until you see what’s coming in 2018.

  • Predictions for health breakthroughs for 2018

    Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit held from October 23 to 25 in 2017 revealed the following predicted therapeutic and technological advancements for our new year of 2018.

    The Wall Street Journal’s December 26, 2017 publication also agrees with the first four topics listed below.

  • A new year, a new you, a new year’s resolution … or maybe not!

    The Merriam-Webster definition of New Year’s resolution: a promise to do something differently in the New Year. About 40% of American people make New Year’s resolutions to make themselves better people.

    This tradition did not originate here in America. Historical documents show that the Babylonians made promises to the gods for the New Year hoping to get a favor in return for their promise such as getting out of debt.

  • Freezing water line prevention tips

    During frigid temperature season, homeowners should be aware of precautions they can take to help protect interior pipes and water meters from freezing so that exterior service lines aren’t affected. 

  • Deck the…

    “Music and merriment go right together,” according to Ed Richards. This is evident from the very first step into the Richards’ holiday house, known for its extensive holiday happiness.

  • Thinking outside the barn

    Huntley, its leaders say, is “The Friendly Village with Country Charm.”

    What does that really mean?

  • A U.S. Opioid Health Epidemic, Part 2

    According to our nation’s leaders, opioid abuse has now reached an epidemic level in our country, especially among younger Americans. However, most of us are unaware of the opioid abuse and dependence (often unintentionally) being discovered among older U.S. adults, as well.

  • Suddenly a Star

    Joe Nitti knows how to entertain.

    “I can do the Fox Trot but not show dancing,” he said. He continued to explain his success: “I thank Barbara O’Neil, she is a gift from God,” Nitti praises. “She is patient with me.”

  • Strutting into the holidays

    Sun City Strutters performing The Wooden Soldier March at the combined Strutters Prairie singers Christmas show on November 29.

  • Huntley historical rumors explained

    Every once in awhile, the Sun Day must crack some cases. Following is the result of our most recent research.

  • Three vehicle crash shakes Del Webb Blvd. and Cold Springs Drive

    Even though Del Webb Boulevard is Sun City’s most heavily traveled roadway, traffic accidents along it are rare. But shortly before 2 p.m. on November 20, the road’s good record was marred by a three-vehicle crash at the intersection of Del Webb and Cold Springs Drive.

  • Hang Your Hat: December 7, 2017

    Letters for the week of December 7

  • A U.S. Opioid Health Epidemic, Part 1:  How It All Began

    I apologize for this two part series on drug addiction because of its sobering theme at our holiday season. I do, however, know that it is a subject, increasing in public awareness, that needs to be discussed at any time of the year. 

  • Around the world with the Prairie Singers

    Christmas is truly a unique, universal and global holiday celebration.

    No other holiday in the world can match its widespread appeal to so many cultures and celebrations. It is the oldest, most popular, and widely observed holiday in human history. Its concepts of faith and hope have been embraced throughout the world in an infinite variety of ways.

  • Huntley Police Department presses charges against middle school student for hate crime

    The Huntley Police Department and Community School District 158 say they take juvenile electronic threats and misuse of social media very seriously.

    Last week, they had an opportunity to demonstrate that policy dramatically.

  • Annual toy donation

    Woodchuck Christmas Elves donated beautifully hand-crafted toys to Grafton Food Pantry.

  • SSA

    A few times a week, Joe Marmion picks up the phone and talks to his friend Lorraine, an 85-year old resident of Sun City. He checks in with her and they chat; once a week, the two of them get together and go somewhere, or just spend time together.

  • The buddy system

    Eileen Delahanty, Volunteer Coordinator District 158 is working to get some Del Webb residents to make the short trip to Leggee Elementary School.

    Delahanty is working with Sarah DuBose, Leggee Kindergarten Teacher and a member of the Real-World Application Committee. Dubose said, “We want to tie in with the outside world with us. We want to have ‘Buddies’ within our school.”

  • Optimism may be the best flu vaccine

    With the holidays now upon us, the influenza season will be in full throttle with social get-togethers everywhere helping to spread the germs. One predictor of how bad the season (October through May) will be is the continent of Australia which just suffered through an ugly influenza outbreak. Differing from the U.S., however, is the fact that Aussies only encourage high risk-groups to get their flu shots. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone over 6 months be vaccinated.

  • CAM releases budget report

    Each year in July, the Sun City staff, Finance Advisory Committee, and Board of Directors begin the six-months-long process of creating and approving the budget for the following calendar year. The annual process concludes in December with final approval of all budgets for the next year.

  • Sun City clubs join forces for holidays

    Santa’s elves aren’t the only ones who are making gifts for girls and boys.

    Sun City’s Sew N Sew and Woodchucks members recently displayed some of the wood-crafted toys and hand-pieced quilts that they plan to donate to the Grafton Food Pantry.

  • Put on your dancing shoes

    Mary Wyatt, Artistic Director, and Val Stroud Ensemble Teacher, invite Sun City residents to dance.

    “We have 6 teachers and we teach all levels – beginning, intermediate, and advanced,” Stroud said, encouraging and welcoming all residents to try the classes offered.

  • New businesses breaking ground in town

    Remember when you had to go five miles to Randall Road for most of your shopping? Today, you just have to go to Route 47, Regency Square, or the Huntley Town Square, and you find most of what you need or want.

  • Second sledding hill slated for Deicke Park

    As soon as it snows in the upcoming winter season, a $2.5 million expansion by the Huntley Park District will be completed with a bit of winter fun – a second sledding hill in Deicke Park.

  • “Catching” some fun in the sun

    “We love what we do!” said Kim Larson, Executive Director of Family Alliance.

    Larson’s enthusiasm and assistance are having an impact in our Sun City community. Family Alliance worked with Alan Mogilner; Sun City Resident and facilitator of the Parkinson Support Group, to find a venue for their meeting needs.

  • Hang Your Hat: November 16, 2017

    Letters for the week of November 16.

  • Sun City Sunflower Garden Club hosts annual walk for charity

    The 8th Annual Holiday House Walk for Charity will take place on Thursday, December 14, 2-6 pm. at Sun City Huntley. The public is welcome to participate and enjoy a fabulous Winter Wonderland. This festive event benefits charities. We would like to share the very personal side of these charities of choices for one of the hosts.

  • 60 years together: A New York love story

    The love story of Lewis and Carole begins at a train station in New York.

    “We used to see each other casually because, for some reason, we used to take the same train home. I used to see her on the platform, and she used to see me on the platform,” said Lewis. “Every Friday, I would get flowers for my mom, and she would see me with the flowers. So we got to talking, and I made a date with her.”

    From here, Lewis and Carole’s story took a strange turn down an unexpected track.

  • Governing board elections run smooth, near-49% voter turnout

    When voters have a lot of options as they choose their leaders, they will come to the ballot box.

    Ten Sun City residents put their names on the 2017 board of directors ballot this fall, and 2,643 community households responded in the mail-in balloting.  That’s nearly 49% of the association’s 5,400-plus eligible households.

    This was the biggest election, in terms of candidate and voter participation, ever held in Sun City Huntley’s 18-year history.