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  • Belle Aire

    Just how brutal is war? Consider this: you report for combat duty in the army air corps in 1942, and you’re told 82% of you won’t make it back.

    Clarence “Bill” Winchell and 10 of his crew mates beat those odds and came home to tell their harrowing World War II stories when they flew on the legendary “Memphis Belle” B-17F bomber in Europe. Even their plane survived, although it absorbed a few machine gun and flak shells.

  • Relay for Life offers historic sports memorabilla raffle to raise money

    Cancer doesn’t sleep. Likewise, at the annual Relay For Life event, set for the Huntley Park District on June 3 and 4, participants will walk throughout the evening and into the morning to raise money and awareness about a disease that has touched so many Americans, including many in the Huntley and Marengo areas.

  • Prostate cancer risk factors, part 2: Controversial screening debate and cancer/non-cancer treatments

    In April, 2017, the Wall Street Journal, AARP Bulletin, and Northwest Herald reported on the latest positive recommendation from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force concerning the use of P.S.A. (prostate specific antigen) testing for men 55 to 69 years of age of average risk and higher risk for developing cancer.

  • Sun City Huntley’s Prairie Singers Spring Concert

    A great afternoon of fun and exhilarating entertainment are yours to enjoy at the Sun City Prairie Singer’s Spring Concert. More than sixty residents of Sun City Huntley join together to produce the exciting and harmonious music. This group has been a part of the entertainment activities of the Sun City community for more than […]

  • Step into spring

    The Concert Band of Sun City has a spring in its step this season as the performers prepare for their upcoming performance.

    According to Rose Kundich, President of the Concert Band, the concert will be an uplifting ode to the season.

  • Prairie Lodge updates slated for 2017

    Several areas in Sun City’s Prairie Lodge are being remodeled or updated this year, but residents probably are most interested in three of them.

  • Volunteers needed for Grafton Food Pantry event

    Grafton Food Pantry is in need of volunteers for Saturday, May 13, from 1-4 p.m. at the Huntley Park District to help sort and box food collected in the United States Post Service 25th Annual Stamp Out Hunger effort….Making a Difference “One Bag at a Time.” 

  • Trump budget cuts may eat up local Meal on Wheels funding

    On November 8, 2016 and March 16, 2017, a lot of things changed for one of America’s most successful welfare programs – Meals on Wheels.

  • Sun City Model Railroad Club open house

    The Sun City Model Train Club will be hosting its annual Spring Open House on Sunday May 21, 2017 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. The G scale members (Garden Scale) are in the final stages of taking back their layout from the squirrels and chipmunks and making final repairs to their buildings and structures.

  • Prostate cancer risk factors, part 1

Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer that develops in males, other than skin cancers. This year, more than 1 million men will be diagnosed worldwide. It has become the second leading cause of cancer deaths among male Americans.

  • In a heartbeat

    In the middle of the night, 28 year-old Cindy Heigl found herself having emergency surgery without anesthesia to replace a faulty pacemaker. Awake, bruised, and scared, she uttered the only prayer she could muster: “Help me, help me, God,” Then, “Fix me, fix me…”

    Now, Heigl’s book, In a Heartbeat: My Miraculous Experience of Sudden Cardiac Arrest recounts her experience in 2014 when a wire in her pacemaker broke, causing her to flatline twice, for nearly 5 minutes.

  • The race for Rutland results

    Amid the confusion and controversy in the 2017 Rutland Township election, one positive thing stands out – public interest in the township’s activities is at an all-time high.

    Nearly 7,000 voters came to the township’s election precincts on April 4 and cast ballots. That’s the highest vote total among the 16 Kane County Townships, and a record turnout for Rutland.

  • New details emerge over March car crash

    The law enforcement involvement in the March 4 car crash on Honeysuckle Drive in Sun City has been resolved, but another part remains in limbo.

  • Past, present, and future of the Catty Building

    One of Huntley’s oldest buildings, and one of its most prominent historical landmarks, has been scheduled for a 21st century makeover.

  • Bytnar letter may have played role in Rutland election results

    About a decade ago, Steve Bytnar led an effort to form the Property Tax Action Group (PTAG) as a watchdog and educational group in the Sun City area. It was devoted to monitoring property tax assessments on Sun City homes and educating residents about how the state’s property tax system works.

  • Think Before You Drink Part 2: Are you drinking too much and what can you do to cut back?

    The March 2017 publication of “Lifestyles After 50” states that some seniors may have been drinking for many years earlier and already are physically and mentally dependent on alcohol.

  • Country boy and city girl celebrate 70th anniversary

    Jean and Paul Souchek were married on March 29, 1947 (Joan 18, Paul 22) at Norwood Heights Evangelical Free Church in Norwood Heights, Illinois. Their 70th wedding anniversary party was on April 1 in Drendel Hall.

  • Art in My Secret Garden colors this May

    Art in My Secret Garden’s eighth annual event will be hosted by the Pencil & Palette Club of Sun City on May 20 and May 21 from 12-4 p.m. at the Gardens of Woodstock. The Gardens of Woodstock is located at 5211 Swanson Road near the Rt. 47 and Rt. 176W intersection in Lakewood.

  • Calling all Del Webb residents with a passion for reading and children!

    Several of the District 158 Schools will be hosting Battle of the Books during April and May and many community volunteers are needed. The American Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program.

  • Hang Your Hat: April 20, 2017

    Letters for the week of April 20.

  • No milling around

    Practicing extravagant tap dancing, incorporating live music, and sustaining a vibrant crew and cast, the Theatre Company of Sun City is as determined as Millie herself as they take on their spring production.

  • Avian invasion

    When Del Webb Corp. dotted their Sun City landscape with ponds, golf water hazards, and detention ponds in the late ’90s, there was probably an expectation that at least a few Canadian Geese would be attracted to Huntley.

  • Board refocuses maintenance goals

    After a year of major outdoor maintenance projects in 2016, the Sun City board of directors is focusing elsewhere this year.

  • Outlet mall finally comes to an end

    Huntley mayor Charlie Sass is finally getting his wish.

  • Think before you drink, part 1

    Are you aware of the fact that drinking in excess may become more dangerous as you age?

  • Huntley schools collect Box Tops for the arts

    Among the innovative new ways to motivate and educate young people are the Artist-in-Residence appearances at public schools. Celebrity artists come to the school to spend several days interacting with students in workshops, assemblies, and public concerts.

  • Hang Your Hat: April 6, 2017

    Letters for the week of April 6.

  • Rutland Township board candidates make their final pitch to voters

    Seven candidates for the Rutland Township board of trustees came to Sun City’s Drendel Ballroom on Mar. 29.  It was their last chance to communicate with local voters before the Apr. 4 township election.

  • Rutland Round-up

    Amid the din and confusion in Rutland Township in recent years, some silver linings have emerged.

  • Kent is a “perfect fit” for Sun City

    Remember the Hollywood movie, “The Perfect Storm?” It was the fictional story of an ocean storm that turned into a disaster for a group of fishermen.