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  • Celebrating the end of the Great Depression in our kitchen

    As I was pushing my shopping cart through the grocery store yesterday, getting ready to head to the checkout line, a strange sensation came over me. It led me to the “paper and plastics” aisle, where I grabbed a total of eight food storage containers of various sizes, but with the same size lids to fit them all.

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy are back

    First things first. Why would an old (very old) codger like me go to a movie like this one, designed exclusively for millennials and younger? The answer is simple: grandchildren, three of them in their teens.

  • Ask an Angel: May 18, 2017

    I feel overwhelmed. I know I am supposed to take care of myself so I have energy to care for my family, but I can’t even begin to think of how to do that. Help!

  • Score: Bulldogs – 1, Marzanos – 0

    Another one bites the dust! Restaurants seem to come and go. We come to a restaurant, review it, and a year or so later, they go. Was it something we said?

  • B and B with a Q & A

    While walking with a homeowner around their yard a few days ago, I spotted a butterfly. I tried to continue to be professional, but the little kid in me was so very excited to see the beautiful creature.

  • Ask the Woodchucks: May 18, 2017

    We’re new residents in Del Webb that are replacing our hardware. However, I’ve been unable to find a supplier of the garage door “spring” hinges (locally or online)!

  • Kids can drive you crazy — even if they follow the speed limit

    A couple weeks ago, when I read about that 8-year-old Ohio boy who slipped out of the house while his parents slept, and then drove a mile and a half to McDonald’s with his 4-year-old sister in the car, I reacted as any typical American would.

  • Polar opposites

    Two movies this week, one a scary look at California style liberalism spreading like wildfire around the world. The other is an earthy look at the real world.

  • Northern Europe: Part 1

    Friends of mine retired and moved to Mexico, but enjoy traveling. They decided (actually, were somewhat forced) to do a train/driving tour in Northern Europe. They had planned on just a trip to Germany and Burgundy, but the airfares were horrible! Wow, who would have thought, right! So what to do?

  • No ifs, ands, or bugs

    Stress manifests itself to varying degrees in many ways. The stress of forgetting to pick up a needed item at the grocery store is small compared to that of waiting for a test result, but both are stressful nonetheless.

  • Uno, dos, tres, quatro, Cinco … de Mayo

    If you’ve been a loyal reader of the Sun Day News, you may remember Mason Souza, a previous Assistant Editor. In the beginning of our tenure here, he recommended Los Fernandez Restaurant in Hoffman Estates. Since he was affiliated with the paper, we put his recommendation on top of our “To Do” list, and after only four short years, his turn finally arrived.

  • Ask an Angel: May 4, 2017

    It is time for me to turn in my keys. That’s what my kids recommend. I can’t fathom this and while I know they are right, I am fighting this all the way. What do people do in this situation?

  • Ask the Woodchucks: May 4, 2017

    I have gotten several emails over the last few years about problems with various light bulbs in the outdoor light fixtures controlled by the 911 flasher switch. Everything works fine with incandescent bulbs, but when residents try to be environmentally sound by using florescent (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) lights they see one of several problems.

  • Twisting, pinching and rolling your way to magic

    If you’re a faithful visitor to Planet Kerth, you may recall that a couple weeks ago I told you about a magic trick I like to perform.

    Well, as I explained, it’s not a magic trick exactly, because it doesn’t really take any magic to turn a simple napkin into a long-stemmed paper rose with a single delicate leaf halfway up the stem.

  • How to Adjust a Sliding Glass Door

    We have an original patio door on a Geneva home that is about 15 years old. It is getting very hard to open and close as we have a dog and use it more often than perhaps most people.

  • One very good, one very bad

    Interestingly, the very good movie I am writing about never showed up with a TV spot or in a preview. I got lucky finding this one.

  • Ask an Angel: April 20, 2017

    I’ll be tackling the spring cleaning for my father’s home, but there is so much clutter there, I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any tips for this job?

  • “Ping” scores a hole in one

    After “puttering” around in the garage, Jim’s thoughts turned to springtime. He decided to dust off his old Ping golf clubs and noticed they needed new grips. He Googled “Ping” and found Chef Ping’s in Rolling Meadows. With him it always seems to go back to food…

  • Aromatherapy starts in the garden

    Earlier this week, my daughter Sarah and I spent two days on the campus of Purdue University. She relished the opportunity to listen presentations about Study Abroad options for Engineer majors and the experiences of recent Civil Engineering graduates. I on the other hand, found joy outside the lecture halls.

  • A magic trick that’s both absorbing and absorbent

    Call it a magic trick if you want, but it isn’t. Not really. A magic trick needs magic to make it happen, but I can do my trick without needing magical powers.

    But then — after the trick is over — that’s when the magic happens.

  • Ask an Angel: April 6, 2017

    I have taken on the role of caregiver for my mother. She has Alzheimer’s Disease. I’m finding it challenging to care for her. How can I maintain my sanity as well as her dignity?

  • Zookeeper’s Wife: a worthy exhibit

    Let’s start with the animals. Yes, this is a story about a real zoo and for the first ten minutes or so we are treated to some delightful moments with the various wildlife, and their interactions with the zookeeper’s wife and family. These are peaceful, enjoyable moments, and at times fascinating as the animals relate to their habitat and their various keepers. Unfortunately the zoo is located in Warsaw, Poland, and the year is 1939.

  • Prune back your expenses with these money-saving gardening tips

    Mary, our oldest daughter, chose to spend her spring break at home. We all had a wonderful visit with her. Our days were filled with lunches out with friends and the evenings were spent eating dinner at home with relatives. Time was set aside for shopping with Grandma and of course attending the school musical.

  • Repairing hairline cracks

    What can I use to repair a small hairline crack in a Corian counter top?

  • Around the clock … almost

    It’s that time of year again when Americans have to “pay the piper.” We’re referring, of course, to income tax time.

  • Woodchucks furniture repair day: April 12

    Each year the Woodchucks usually hold two furniture repair days for residents. One is in April and one is in October. 30-40 Woodchucks are available in the shop on these days to repair loose chairs, broken tables, broken picture frames and other wooden items needing repair.

  • Leaving America to learn what an American is

    Besides being a high school teacher for more than thirty years, I spent about fifteen years helping young Americans learn for themselves what it means to be an American.

  • Kong: Dull Island

    This time around, I found many of the films playing in the area were “heavily” R rated (language and/ or sexually explicit), which I usually avoid unless it’s a compelling story.

  • From the cinema to the soil

    As a mom who is in the process of sending her kids out into the world, I am sincerely grateful for the community in which they grew up. I am grateful to the real estate agent who spent the summer of ’99 showing our growing family house, after house, after house.

  • Ask an Angel: March 23, 2017

    My wife will be hospitalized for a procedure soon. She has some dementia and I’m not sure how she will do in the hospital. How can I prepare her for it?