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  • Woodchucks furniture repair day: April 12

    Each year the Woodchucks usually hold two furniture repair days for residents. One is in April and one is in October. 30-40 Woodchucks are available in the shop on these days to repair loose chairs, broken tables, broken picture frames and other wooden items needing repair.

  • Leaving America to learn what an American is

    Besides being a high school teacher for more than thirty years, I spent about fifteen years helping young Americans learn for themselves what it means to be an American.

  • Kong: Dull Island

    This time around, I found many of the films playing in the area were “heavily” R rated (language and/ or sexually explicit), which I usually avoid unless it’s a compelling story.

  • From the cinema to the soil

    As a mom who is in the process of sending her kids out into the world, I am sincerely grateful for the community in which they grew up. I am grateful to the real estate agent who spent the summer of ’99 showing our growing family house, after house, after house.

  • Ask an Angel: March 23, 2017

    My wife will be hospitalized for a procedure soon. She has some dementia and I’m not sure how she will do in the hospital. How can I prepare her for it?

  • Check These Out: March 23, 2017

    Skye is a place, not a person. Intriguing cover art enticed me to read the inside flap. The story is revealed through an exchange of letters between two sets of people during two different world wars on different continents.

  • Fill ‘er up…

    One weekend we were out and about doing all of our mundane, required errands when we noticed the Dining Duo Mini-mobile’s gas tank was running low. We also noticed that the Dining Duo’s tummy tanks were running low. As luck would have it, we were passing by what seemed to be an old service station in St. Charles called the Filling Station Pub and Grill.

  • Taking time to see the moon and other miracles

    As the full moon rose just after sunset a few weeks ago, I stared at it and wondered: “What if the moon happened only once? What if, in the deep black immenseness of the night sky, this pale beautiful face appeared only once, and this was the night that it happened?”

  • Did I see the Oscars?

    The answer is NO. I preferred not to listen to the political rhetoric that would surely surface, and decided that re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond were a better choice, which proves that every now and then I can make a good decision.

  • Ask an Angel: March 9, 2017

    My father has dementia and I’ve noticed that he gets more confused and agitated in the evening. His sleep has also been affected. Why does he change so drastically?

  • False advertising! But that’s just fine

    When you go to a Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant you expect chicken. When you go to a Burger King Restaurant you expect burgers. When you go to a Hooter’s Restaurant you expect … er, maybe that’s not a good example, never mind.

  • Check These Out: March 9, 2017

    A Chicago friend recommended this book, a combination biography, mystery, newspaper story, myth-buster. The author was 6 when his young, Chicago newspaper-man father died late one night of a heart attack, after work, after visiting friends in 1970.

  • Ask the Woodchucks: March 9, 2017

    I am a new Del Webb resident and just read your article today on the Moen faucet warranty. In the article, you refer to the warranty for the windows in our homes here. I do not recall reading that article and would love to know about this warranty, and even what kind of windows are in our homes. Would you be so kind as to provide me with this information?

  • Recalling the name of the famous you-know-who

    I just opened my email, and the first message at the top of the list was for a brain strengthener that is “Proven to double your IQ.”

    Well, that could be useful. As a writer, it would be nice to be smart enough to be able to spell IQ correctly.

  • Check These Out: February 23, 2017

    Such a title begs investigation. Which book matters most? By whose judgment? The story, according to the inside flap, involves a woman whose 25 year marriage has fallen apart who joins a book club to meet new people.

  • Size does matter

    Cosmetic companies have very clever ways of enticing customers to buy their products. Several times a year they offer a “Bag O’ Free Stuff” if you purchase a certain amount from their make-up technicians that look like nurses. One Saturday during their “Bonus Time,” Nancy decided to stock up on her war paint.

  • Ask the Woodchucks: Door Closer Adjustment

    The door to the garage on a Del Webb home is supposed to close by itself. Over time the springs on the hinges no longer work as they should. Is there any way to tighten these hinges or must one or more of them be replaced?

  • Ask an Angel: February 23, 2017

    How is dementia different from Alzheimer’s? Aren’t they the same thing?

  • A river runs through it

    Want to get away, but not too far? Try the Quad Cities (actually 5 towns now make up the Quads: Davenport and Bettendorf, IA, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline, IL). A short 21/2 hour drive by interstate and you’re on the Mississippi. We were there recently and took in the activities.

  • Moen faucets

    We told you about the manufacturer’s warranty on the windows in your house but did you know that if you have Moen faucets they are also warranted? Moen has a lifetime warranty on their faucets to the original owner, and not just in senior communities.

  • A Winter Island Getaway

    The winter doldrums are in full swing. Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, and Nancy and I are nipping at each other due to a bad case of “Cabin Fever.” Before we bite each other’s heads off, we decided to try a little island getaway at the Bahama Breeze Island Grill in Schaumburg.

  • Ask an Angel: February 9, 2017

    The recent events in our world have made me very suspicious about so many things. I hear about scams and wonder if there are things seniors should be aware of in our community.

  • Check These Out: February 9, 2017

    This title made me think of my brother’s dining room table spread full with 50 years’ worth of family pictures. He, too, wonders about some unidentified people as does a character in this novel.

  • 911 locator light switch

    My neighbor’s porch and exterior garage lights won’t turn off (the emergency flasher is not engaged). Ace Hardware said they’ve had a number of requests for replacement switches, but can’t help.

  • We’ll be back right after these soul-searching messages

    Plato said: “Know thyself.” Socrates said it, too. So did Aeschylus. And although those guys were a few graduation classes ahead of me, I always believed they were talking about me when they said it.

    Because I always thought I knew myself.

  • Hidden Figures and The Man Who Knew Infinity – two tremendous stories

    As of this writing Hidden Figures is number one in box office receipts over the past several weeks. Deservedly so.

  • Check These Out: January 26, 2017

    Next time a snowstorm heads our way, get this hefty book for your days inside. It’s not about a lawyer, but if you grew up in Chicago or are interested in contemporary history and/or in the history of the print journalism, this might be just for you.

  • Docked for brunch in a friendly port

    If you’ve lived in the Northwest Suburbs for any length of time, you probably know of the Port Edward Restaurant in Algonquin. This has been a landmark in the community for 53 years and counting.

  • I am recently widowed and I am realizing that I just can’t do things as easily as I once could do. I want to retain my independence, but with so many scams in the world, I am skeptical about asking for outside help.

  • Sun City takes on the Land of the Rising Sun

    Sun City residents David and Karen, along with their two sons, recently visited Tokyo.