Ask the Woodchucks: March 9, 2017

Question: I am a new Del Webb resident and just read your article today on the Moen faucet warranty. In the article, you refer to the warranty for the windows in our homes here. I do not recall reading that article and would love to know about this warranty, and even what kind of windows are in our homes. Would you be so kind as to provide me with this information?

Answer: The Del Webb built houses were built between 1999 and 2004 with Weathershield windows. These are warranted against seal failures for 10 years. A seal failure is where moisture appears between the two panes of glass. When this happens the windows are not insulated as well as they should be. With this warranty the replacement window is free, but you must pay a Weathershield dealer to install the window. Now for the bad news. Since all of the Del Webb built houses are over ten years old this warranty has expired.

Weathershield does have a partial warranty for the second ten years where they will supply the window at one half of the retail cost. The homeowner must then pay the installation costs. Each of the local window dealers has told us they can buy replacement windows cheaper than the half price warranty that Weathershield offers. This means that the warranty would not save any money over buying the window from another manufacturer.

The Pulte built houses have Simonton brand windows. Simonton has extended the seal failure warrantee for some but not all their windows from 10 to 20 years. This means the windows will be replaced free of charge but you must pay for the installation labor. To check and see if your windows are covered call one of the local window dealers.

Question: In my 13 year-old Pulte home, I have numerous cabinet doors and drawers that have developer installed small vinyl bumpers. Most, if not all, have deteriorated and there is now a sticky residue on the doors and drawers and the frame of the cabinets. These are finished with a dark wood stain or in the case of bathroom cabinets, are a white enamel type finish.

I can buy replacement vinyl bumpers at local hardware stores.  However, I have questions regarding this situation.

1. How do I safely remove the sticky residue on the two finishes described above?

2. Is replacing the bumpers with a similar product a good idea?

3. If using vinyl bumpers is not the best solution, what product should I use to replace the old bumpers?

The sticky residue can easily be removed with a product called Goo Gone. I have used it for many years. The bumpers are there to reduce the noise when closing the cabinet doors. It is a good idea to replace the worn out bumpers with rubber or vinyl bumpers.

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