Prairie Lodge fitness center renovation to begin

Resident access to the Prairie Lodge indoor pool and locker rooms will be significantly limited for the next several weeks, starting next Monday, August 14.

An extensive $197,000 renovation project will include replacement or upgrade of lockers, flooring, sinks and showers, wall tile, benches, vanity areas, lights, and painting. The project also includes draining and repairing the indoor pool, and upgrading the fitness center’s welcome desk.

Collins Construction Services was awarded a $197,122 contract by the board of directors on July 12 to do the work, which is expected to be completed by the end of September. The board previously discussed the possibility of dividing the project into two sections, with one locker room done now and the other one later. That proposal was rejected. The decision to do all the work now was approved unanimously and was made, board members said, to minimize inconvenience to residents.

Signs have been, or will, be posted in the fitness center, and possibly elsewhere in the lodge, providing details of the construction schedule.

The work will start next week at the pool area, followed by the family changing area, then the women’s locker room, and finishing with the men’s locker room, according to fitness staff members. The welcome desk work will be done concurrently during this process.

This project is part of the association’s 2017 maintenance schedule and is funded by the community’s reserve fund. This is the first repair project of these facilities since Prairie Lodge opened almost 18 years ago.

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