Hang Your Hat: September 21, 2017

I’m furious because today we could very easily have been injured, or worse, on DelWebb Blvd. My husband is a quadriplegic in a motorized wheelchair and we were trying to cross busy DelWebb on a marked crosswalk at River Park Drive. His nurse was with us and we were in the middle of the road because the car coming from the north was gracious enough to stop. Two cars coming from the south sped up to get by us! They were clearly illegal. This was at the corner of River Park Drive and DelWebb. I gestured a “thank you” to the person who stopped but did not acknowledge the passing elderly gentleman who couldn’t wait to let us go across the street. It was tempting to give an unladylike gesture.

Many of the neighborhood people have seen us walking many times as it is hard to miss my husband’s wheelchair, myself, and his nurse of the day. We tried to get to Wildflower Park for 4 weeks when it was all torn up and could not at all. So we enjoy our walks now around the lake almost every day. This lowered my respect for the community and as new residents, we have loved it since Day One.

I plan to carry a small notebook and record license plates next time, but hopefully there won’t be a next time!

Andrea (“Ann”) Weider
Neighborhood 11

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