Transfer fee update

SUN CITY – Two additional facts about home resale transfer fees have been communicated to the Sun Day since our report on the subject in our October 19 edition.

First, Daniel Burke, a Sun City attorney who recently represented former homeowner John Cox in the sale of Cox’s home, explained that he did not “overlook” the transfer fee at the closing. Sun City Community Association documents require the collection of a transfer fee on the sale of homes originally built by Pulte Homes since 2002, but Del Webb-built homes built before that are exempt.

“I have no choice but to go by the document at closing,” Burke told the Sun Day. “In the unusual circumstance where the transfer fee is incorrect (it has happened before), a refund is made to the seller.”

Additionally, Joe Render, a Realtor at Huntley Realty, reminded the Sun Day that the transfer fee applies to all Pulte-built home sales in future years.

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