Ask the Woodchucks: November 16, 2017

Question: We have Moen faucets in the bathrooms of our Pulte built home. The handle (hot) on one faucet has become very loose and wobbly. I’ve attached a short video. It works fine but will likely get worse in the future. There doesn’t seem to be any external feature (set screw) to tighten the handle.

A) Any idea how I can tighten the handle?
B) What is warranty on these faucets?

I looked up the cost of only the handle on a similar Moen faucet. Seems ridiculously high at $116.

Answer: This problem is fairly easy to fix. You will need to replace the handle adapter which is located inside the handle hub. It is a plastic piece that is white for the hot water side and black for the cold water side. You will be happy to hear that Moen has a lifetime warrantee on all of its faucets. Go to their web site at Click the parts and support tab, find your faucet, and fill out the form to tell them what your problem is. Be sure to attach a photo of your faucet. They will send you a kit with all the parts you need to fix your faucet.

Question: My husband made an Adirondack chair and foot bench for me before he passed. Because of inclement weather over the years it has weathered, and the bottom of the legs have rotted away.

I was wondering if someone there would like to take the job on and repair it.

Answer: I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. If the wood is rotting the problem is that the wrong wood was used for a chair that will be used outside. A repair of that chair is probably not possible. If you look closer you will probably find rot where the seat bottom connects to the side rails and on other joints. It is probably made from construction pine, which will have a life of 3-5 years. A better choice would have been cedar. Take a look at the benches on the tennis courts. We built six of them out of cedar ten years ago. They sit out all year long and are still in very good condition. They should last at least 20 years. Other woods that would hold up well outside are cypress and teak.

About eight years ago about half a dozen members worked together in the shop to build Adirondack chairs. These were built out of cedar and I know that some of them are still in Sun City. This is a very easy project to build and would be a good first project for someone joining the wood shop.

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