“Catching” some fun in the sun

“We love what we do!” said Kim Larson, Executive Director of Family Alliance.

Larson’s enthusiasm and assistance are having an impact in our Sun City community. Family Alliance worked with Alan Mogilner; Sun City Resident and facilitator of the Parkinson Support Group, to find a venue for their meeting needs. Larson stressed the importance of support groups to individuals’ wellbeing, and she wanted to give an opportunity to the “whole community to participate in the Parkinson’s Support Group”.

In addition to securing a room for the group, Family Alliance has written grants to help meet the group’s needs. McHenry County Communication Foundation awarded a $17000 grant to provide Music therapy to the Parkinson’s group. Studies and data have shown that Neurologic music therapy helps individuals with Parkinson’s Disease by stimulating the production of dopamine and serotonin; these chemicals are found to be diminished in individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Alan Mogilner is the founding father of the Parkinson’s Support Group here in Sun City. In 2006, he started making inquiries and “was surprised that there wasn’t one started here and I started to lobby for one.”

“Initially,” Mogilner explained, “the group was under the guidance of Centegra, but there were venue problems. Family Alliance then expanded from the Woodstock area and took on the Sponsorship.”

The Support Group meets on the first Monday of each month from 10-11 a.m. at 12555 Farm Hill Drive. Working together, the Family Alliance Group, the Anglers’ Club, and the Parkinson’s Group joined efforts to create the first Annual Fishing Event, according to Mogilner.

The Angler’s Club provided the equipment, bait, and expertise; Family Alliance hosted lunch and prizes after the event; and the Parkinson’s Support Group provided the participants.

Mogilner explained the event was created to “get the folks out of their home.”

August 24 marked the date of the first-time “Official Fishing Derby with Prizes for the Biggest Fish,” according to Randy Johnson, President of the Angler’s Club. The event took place at Sun City’s own beautiful Wildflower Lake.

“We supplied the bait, fishing rods, and assistance in baiting the hooks. This lake is a real surprise package,” Johnson said.

He encourages more residents to join the Angler’s Club. “It takes a village. I can’t do it by myself.”

The club works with other clubs to sponsor events such as the Fishing Derby with the Grandma, Grandpa, and me Club.

The Angler’s members enjoyed some fishing as well. Harry Dalot, member of the Woodchucks, is looking for investors for his new fishing accessory.

“It’s going on Shark Tank,” Dalot said as he demonstrated the pole attachment for the pier that he has designed and created.

Fish tales were told, the sun was out on the beautiful lake, food, and conversation – all combined to contribute to the successful event.

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