Put on your dancing shoes

Strutter’s holiday show set with variety and laughs

Mary Wyatt, Artistic Director, and Val Stroud Ensemble Teacher, invite Sun City residents to dance.

“We have 6 teachers and we teach all levels – beginning, intermediate, and advanced,” Stroud said, encouraging and welcoming all residents to try the classes offered.

Sun City Strutter’s rehearse for their upcoming holiday show. (Photo by Tony Pratt/Sun Day)

Sun City Strutter’s rehearse for their upcoming holiday show. (Photo by Tony Pratt/Sun Day)

The other instructors are Sandy Tenggren Kathie Bojens, Carolyn Lydon, Nancy Kutska, and Pat Oakley is the Business Manager.

Wyatt said, “We have different classes every day: ballet, jazz, and tap.”

Stroud adds, “We also work with the Strutters – Right now the group is mostly women, but any male that wants to join is welcomed.”

Both Wyatt and Stroud have an extensive dance background.

“I’ve taught classes in the Chicago area,” Stroud said.

Wyatt added, “I had my dance studio in St. Louis. It can be stressful, but fun.”

The instructors emphasized the range of ages involved in the Strutters program.

“We have all ages in the classes. Our oldest dancer is 88 and still going strong,” said Wyatt.

No matter what goes on, the Stutters are committed to both learning and lots of laughs.

“We had some funny things that have happened while dancing,” Stroud explained, “One ballet number we had the wrong shoes – tap shoes – and you could hear that it was wrong.”

“We do laugh a lot. We laugh hard and we work hard. And at night we sit down and it’s hard to get up,” Stroud joked.

Sun City Strutters are now rehearsing for “Grease,” a musical that has many dances and a Christmas show coming up. These are the next big shows for the Strutters. Auditions for the shows are held and open to individuals within and outside of Sun City.

Stroud explained, “We invite dancers to be in the Ensemble.

Val explains, ”We keep evolving, and we are open to change. Two years ago, we tried hip hop. It was fun.”

What’s in the future for these dancers?

The team is already planning for spring show. This year’s theme is “Nature of Dance.”

Some final advice from the Wyatt and Stroud?

“Dance until you drop. Keep the body moving.”

Stroud added, “As long as I keep moving, they can’t catch me.”

The Strutters perform their holiday show Wednesday, November 29, at 7 p.m. in Drendel Hall.

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