Hang Your Hat: January 25, 2018

(In response to the Happy Trails column of the 1/11 edition, titled “The health-insurance blues, Part I.”)

I feel for you and your situation.

The fact that we are the only country among top 10 wealthiest nations in the world without national health insurance and coverage for all just continues to astound me. We are the only civilized country that allows our citizens to die or go bankrupt rather than help them get better. A healthy worker is a productive and contributing worker.

We are also way down the ladder in child mortality, longevity, and health care outcomes.

All the while health corporations, management and drug companies make obscene profits and salaries.

What is wrong with this picture?

I am not anti-capitalism, just anti-stupidity.

I have been fortunate my family and I have always been covered. Either through work, the military, or now Medicare and the VA.

My heart goes out to those folks that don’t have that luxury.

What is wrong with us as a country?

Don’t we care about each other?

Scott Roane
Sun City resident

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