Real-world volunteers

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you being here,” said Scott Iddings, Leggee School Principal.

Iddings explained just how much help is needed in the school. The tasks start at the beginning of the year, getting kindergarten students off the bus and into the classroom.”

Sara Dubose, a kindergarten teacher, said of the volunteers, “You are true angels in the building.”

Linda Stoka, an instructor, added, “I have been working with Del Webb residents for 18 years and we are excited to have you here.”

Iddings explained, “This program came from our Real-World Application Committee where we are making connections to the community.”

The volunteers, some seasoned and some new, are not just thrown into the program without training. Iddings encouraged participation and explained a well-outlined plan for volunteers. “The Buddy System program will consist of 1 hour/week, working with small groups and/or individual students in reading or math.”

Leggee volunteers and staff at orientation. (Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

Leggee volunteers and staff at orientation. (Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

“These are your buildings. These are your schools,” Eileen Delahanty, Volunteer coordinator said as she addressed the group. “And the best thing is that working with these children you will see the growth.”

Pat Wyant, a retired teacher now volunteering for the second time, added, “The staff here is very supportive and the kids love to see you and they are delightful. I look forward to it and they also look forward to it.”

Delahanty’s plan for all volunteers is to “Retain you, make you comfortable, and have you enjoy your time here.” She added with gratitude, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Sharon Lackey, Administrative Assistant, and a key contact for volunteers, welcomes volunteers by providing a color-coded hallway system.

“Green is for kindergarten, purple for the younger students and blue for the older classes.”

The program has as an excellent start with 17 volunteers.

Jay Bourke, a returning volunteer confides, “It keeps me young and after all I can’t play golf seven days a week.”

Joyce Gatl shared, “It’s my first year here and I do it because I want to be a grandmother; it’s my chance to be with kids.”

David and Sandy Rauschenberg are also first-time volunteers at Leggee.

David “enjoys working with the kids” and Sandy feels that it “keeps your mind fresh and it’s a way to give back to the community.”

As Lackey and Delahanty took the volunteers for a tour of school, teachers and students smiled and waved and thanked the residents for helping them by volunteering. It left the volunteers with a warm feeling on a day that the temperature dipped below zero.

It’s not too late to get involved. If you are interested please contact Eileen Delahanty at 847-659-6152 or

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