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Wimbledon in the winter?

Tall Oaks Tennis Club hosts tennis socials during the winter months for members and prospective members to meet, play tennis, and of course, eat! Tennis socials are a great opportunity to swing away the pounds and crush your stress away and to meet new people through the game.

On Saturday, January 20, the weather was great at courtside; there was no wind and the sun never in your eyes. Residents from Sun City gathered at Crystal Lake Racket Club. Some with decades of experience, many who have come to the hobby more recently, and a number of newbies.

Tall Oaks Tennis Club members enjoy food and festivities at their annual social. (Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

Tall Oaks Tennis Club members enjoy food and festivities at their annual social. (Photo by Christine Such/Sun Day)

The newly appointed President, Esther Skeggs, remembers, “When I first moved to Del Webb I was very impressed with the many opportunities within the tennis club to play tennis and socialize. I know from experience that it takes many, many dedicated people to make all of this happen. This January social is an example of volunteers giving their time and skills to plan and execute a successful event.”

When asked why she took on the challenge of leading the club, Skeggs says, “I wanted to contribute and be a part of helping make our Tennis Club be successful. With the help and participation of many tennis members, we can all look forward to many more fun events.”

Joe Ureno, the club’s treasurer, said, “I’ve played since college. I play for the friendship and exercise. Socials are great for both.”

Donna Roache, the club’s secretary, shared her story.

“I started as a sub player, seeing that I was new to tennis and to Del Webb. That was 12 years ago. I quickly became a regular player and never stopped. Just love it!” she said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are not the path to Wimbledon and we don’t have to dive for those balls,” said John Wakota, who suffered an injury during the game. His advice is to “be careful and don’t hustle too much.”

Carole and Thomas Marsh are very new to the sport.

“We just started in spring,” Carole smiles and “It’s a lot of fun and we are continuing in the winter by coming to the social and we are taking lessons at Centegra.”

Thomas shared, ”We are trying to build up confidence.”

Lori Martiny has been playing for 7 years in Sun City.

“I love the people, so many nice people,” she said.

If you are looking for some friendly banter mixed with sounds of tennis balls – join the fun on Sunday, February 11 from 3-5 p.m. at Crystal Lake Racket Club with snacks after. The cost is $15 and covers two hours of play and food afterward. Open to all residents, not just tennis members. All you need is a pair of tennis shoes and a willingness to learn the game of tennis! Anyone interested can contact Carolyn Lindsey at

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